TFword in Conversation With Deviu

The Colombian DJ and producer had a chat with us about his latest EP on Purified Records, his style of music, plans for 2024 and lots more.

Bringing the infectious Latin energy to his melodic techno craft, Rafael Lasso, known as Deviu is a Colombian prodigy whose forte is to weave intricate stories that are woven through melodies, inviting listeners to embark on a profound sonic journey.

After honing his craft for several years, Deviu made his debut in 2020 and gave us a glimpse of what he has in his locker. As his sound kept maturing, Deviu continued raising the bar and landed a wide chunk of his releases on Purified Records while receiving support from established artists such as Nora en Pure, Miss Monique, Soul Button, Sultan & Shepard, Giolí & Assia, Nick Warren, Paul Van Dyk, Lauren Mia, and Dosem.

Continuing his rich and flourishing relationship with Purified Records, Deviu has returned to the label for a single featuring German producer and singer Mira Nait. Having had a phenomenal 2023 with his music and on the road playing shows, we caught up with Deviu as looked back on the year that has gone by and how he anticipates 2024 to be.

As 2023 comes to a close, we have enjoyed some incredible music from you this year. How has the year been for you personally?
DEVIU: It has been an incredible year for my music journey; all the releases have been very special. In addition, I had the privilege of performing in various cities across Colombia, even at one of my favourite clubs. I’m also excited because I have a lot of new music in the pipeline. This year, I focused on exploring different sounds, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

Now a single on Purified Records and it’s a mesmerizing one. What are your thoughts on how the tune has shaped up?
DEVIU: I think this track has a lot of potential as it fuses the soft melodic elements with a pulsating beat, a selection of my signature sounds, and ethereal pads. Obviously the vocals are a key factor with which we gave life into this release, making it part of Purified, a label that truly feels like a personal home to me.

Does ‘Snow’ also draw curtains on your releases this year or can we expect some more Deviu magic in the final leg of the year?
DEVIU: “Snow” is my last original release this year but I also have a special remix coming on December.

‘Snow’ ofcourse is an exhibition of your trademark sound, but talk us through the experience of working with Mira Nait on the single?
DEVIU: His vocals were a perfect fit for this track, seamlessly blending the soft, emotive tones with the energetic vibes of the synths. When I shared the track demo with him, he was fully on board to collaborate, and his vocal ideas instantly resonated with me. It was clear we had great creative chemistry. The result is a sound that harmoniously fuses rhythmic melodies with the darker genre defining energy.

We’re big fans of the driving and intense sound you dish out in your productions. How do you think your sound has evolved since you made your debut?
DEVIU: Evolution is a fundamental part of being a music producer and composer. While I’ve maintained my signature touch, I’ve gained more confidence in exploring new sounds and rhythms. From my perspective, my sound has become more solid and “dark” thanks to the use of rough synth sounds and cleaner melodies.

Who would you regard as your biggest inspiration in your sonic journey?
: Since my beginnings in the melodic and progressive music world, I’ve had inspiration from various artists. To name a few, I’m inspired by the music of Adriatique, Jan Blomqvist, Yotto, Innellea, Aalson, Nora en Pure, and Einmusik. But I also have big influence for other genre artists like Linkin Park or Of Monsters and Men. I like to listen tons of different music, you never know what could get you inspired.

What has been your favourite moment on the road so far?
: My favorite moments are often around the creative process, like when I finish a new track that I’m passionate about. If I had to pick one particular highlight, it would be the first time Nora en Pure played my track “Go On” during a live stream. This was a great moment, especially as it was my first track on the label back in 2021. Of course, playing my tracks live and see people’s reactions is always a wonderful experience.

What does Deviu have in store for us in 2024?
: I’m spending a lot of time in the studio creating new music for the upcoming year. There are exciting collaborations with various artists, I’ll be returning to “Purified.” and there will be new show announcements, so stay tuned for more updates!

Grab your copy of Deviu’s latest single – HERE

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