Rono Tunes In New Single, ‘All Afternoon’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Ronit Sarkar, best known as Rono, serves up a delightful matinee experience with his latest release, ‘All Afternoon.’

Rono follows up on his last ballad release ‘Raat,’ with a pacifying new tune, ‘All Afternoon.’ For this song, the music producer and filmmaker enlists guitarist Yohann Coutinho on bass duties and percussions from Dhir Mody of the Drum Ani Bass unit. The song is accompanied by an old-school collage cut-out style video (akin to that of ‘Raat‘) featuring dancer Fiona Goradia.

‘All Afternoon’ is an homage to love that feels fiery but delicate, sparked by an unexpected rainy afternoon during the pandemic. It opens with a groovy rhythm and chips in melancholic key segments, chaperoned by Rono’s temperate vocals. The track concludes with a sleek blues guitar detail. Rono had given audiences a live performance of ‘All Afternoon’ during his solo act in Mumbai as part of Gatecrash India‘s World Music Day showcase earlier this year.

Rono debuts ‘All Afternoon’ to a live crowd on World Music Day 2023

“This might be one of the most all-out love songs I have ever written. It’s inspired by the feeling of falling for someone all over again, and just spending time feeling each other’s company, being silly and stupid and vulnerable,” says Rono.

Concerning the arrangement of the track, the artist shares, “It’s slow and sparse to begin, and then gently and gradually builds to a false climax that then suddenly bursts into a psychedelic guitar solo. It takes sonic cues from D’angelo and Mayer. Instrumentally, it’s just live drums, bass, and a bunch of electric guitars. I really enjoyed getting to be a guitar player on this; I usually use guitars to build ambiance or grit, this is the first time I’ve done so much melodic work with it.”

Rono – ‘All Afternoon

Co-directed and shot by Rono along with his creative partner Taab Arshad, the music video for ‘All Afternoon’ was put together using a doll house and handmade furniture. Arshad dived into the process of developing the video, saying, “The video combines Ron and my love for tiny beautiful things, art projects and silly dancing by yourself. There’s something crazy satisfying about being able to hold your set in your hands and squinting to paint each piece.”

‘All Afternoon’ by Rono is now streaming on all platforms.

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Song Credits:
Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Production, Keys, Guitar & Mix: Rono
Bass: Yohann Coutinho
Drums & Percussions: Dhir Mody
Vocal Recording Engineer: Apurv Agarwal
Mastering Engineer: Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios
Album Artwork: Raya Sarkar
Co-Director & Editor: Taab Arshad
Co- Director & DOP: Rono
Choreographer & Performer: Fiona Goradia

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