Ahmad Shaad Safwi Explores the Power of Love in New Release, ‘Kho Jayega’

Through his new song ‘Kho Jayega,’ Dublin-based Indian singer-songwriter Ahmad Shaad Safwi communicates a philosophical narrative on the beauty and depth of human connections.

Independent musician Ahmad Shaad Safwi follows up on his euphoric 2023 release ‘Sahiba’ with ‘Kho Jayega,’ a song that delves into the metamorphic power of love and connection. “The song expresses the profound impact of a special person on the life of another person,” describes the artist in a statement. “It delves into the transformative power of love and connection, highlighting how this person has brought light to their darkness, replaced sorrow with joy, and guided them along a meaningful journey.”

The Hindi-worded single unwinds to mellow guitar strumming as a jumpy-dance vibe is steadily introduced. ‘Kho Jayega’ zips through with compelling lyrics, striking guitar chords, and a progressive dance-rock melody. “The lyrics serve as an emotional expression from a lover to their soulmate, reminiscing about the moments when they felt truly complete together,” says Ahmad.

The music for ‘Kho Jayega’ is composed by producer Niranjan Sarbi, with lyricist Samsher Singh Beniyaaz serving as a lyrical contributor. At the time of writing, Shaad’s latest offering has amassed more than 8,000 streams on Spotify, with its music video, directed by Akash Lazarus, gaining over 100K on YouTube.

Song Credits:
Singer: Ahmad Shaad Safwi
Music Composer : Niranjan Sarbi
Lyrics: Samsher Singh Beniyaaz
Music Arrangement and Production: Akarsh Shetty
Mixing and Mastering: Akarsh Shetty

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