Raman Releases Much-Awaited New Single, ‘Falling Again,’ From Upcoming EP

Mumbai-based musician Raman Sharma, who goes by Raman, has released his newest project via record label Molfa Music titled ‘Falling Again,’ a nonchalant tune about falling in love without judgment.

Pop singer/songwriter Raman, still only eighteen years of age, follows up ‘Jadui Pari’ (also released via Molfa Music) by giving his fans exactly what they have been asking for by unshackling his latest single, ‘Falling Again.’ It is packed with pleasant guitar notes, velvety vocal textures, a bopping rhythm, rich harmonies, and a touch of Hindusthani classical instrumentation. Released in tandem with a music video, the nearly four-minute outing is an upbeat, pop melody, with Raman dishing out vocals in English and Hindi, written about succumbing to love after a lengthy period.

In a statement, Raman said, “This release is special, in that it is purely for the fans,” adding, “This was a highly requested song by many. Nobody forgot about it even after a year, and I saw how they were asking for it to be released when the campaign for my earlier single, ‘Jadui Pari’ was ongoing.”

‘Falling Again’ by Raman

In a clever nod to this event, the music video for ‘Falling Again’ opens with ‘Jadui Pari’ playing in the background as the appeals for this song’s release keep stacking up on Raman’s cell phone. Stitched together with visuals across Mumbai, it was filmed in two days and the artist described it as “a crazy experience.”

“It was just us running around the streets of Mumbai, hoping to finish filming the entire script. There was a lot of chaos, running around, praying for rain, and mostly hoping to find a good location for the different scenes. Somehow, I feel like the video needed that bit of chaos, and it worked,” says Raman.

‘Falling Again’ is a part of Raman’s forthcoming three-track EP (slated for December 8), which also includes two previously released tracks, ‘December‘ and ‘Jadui Pari.’

Song Credits
Singer-songwriter: Raman
Produced by: Raman
Mixed by: Knob (Ankit Dhandhare) at Cali Recording Studios
Mastered by: Boogie Snail
Label: Molfa Music

Find Raman on: Spotify | Spotify | Instagram

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