All You Need to Know About Midwinter Magic: Winter Solstice World Folk Jam 2023 in San Francisco

Striding forward with their mission “to awaken you from your worldly sleep,” Tea Tribe rings in a cluster of folk music, EDM, poetry, dance, solstice rituals, and more on the shortest day and longest night this December! Arts and entertainment gurus Tea Tribe’s forthcoming Midwinter Magic: Winter Solstice World Folk Jam is chalked in for December 21, 2023, from 7 PM onwards at Congregation Sherith Israel in San Francisco, California. Tickets to Midwinter Magic: Winter Solstice World Folk Jam are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy.

In addition to the live music setup, Midwinter Magic will allow attendees to witness the celebration of a myriad of traditions from different cultures, including Persian, Nordic, Jewish, Aztec, Siberian, Kurdish, Ancient Roman, Chinese, Peruvian, Indian, and more. Tearing through the thrilling artist roster, we have Indigenous Sakha from Siberia, Snow Raven; the courier of myth, mystery, and medicinal music, Marya Stark; sitar meets synthesizer performer Evan Hatfield; Duniya – an ensemble of musicians comprised of musicians from Mali, West Africa, and California; multi-talented singer/songwriter Sasha Rose; and acclaimed folk musician, educator, and multi-instrumentalist Amre Leon Dana. Marya Stark leaps onto the line-up on the back of her fifth solo LP ‘Weightless‘ released earlier this year.

Evan Hatfield – Confused Ravi Electronic Sitar Deep House Indian Performance

Rattling out the rest of the live music line-up at Midwinter Magic: Winter Solstice World Folk Jam, artists locked in include Yemanjo, Mayvn, Scott Nice, Cello Joe, DJ Soleiluna, Maya Light, Mavyn, Lydia Violet, and more! Midwinter Magic sizes up four stages at the 1000+ capacity venue for a night of music, dance, poetry, and ceremony.

Honoring diverse traditions of ritual, reverence, reverie, and revelry, this Solstice experience spotlights the Nava Dance (Persian Solstice), a contemporary and holistic dance routine drawing inspiration from the ancient trade route Silk Road and developed by Miriam Peretz. There will be revelries of Sowiluf, the Nordic Pagan Solstice, Evin Sah, the Kurdish Solstice, Saturnalia Coronation, the Roman Solstice, Hanukkah & Tekufat Tevet, the Jewish Solstice, and Dongzhi, the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival.

Would-be-goers are encouraged to bring an open mind, kind heart, and playful spirit, and don attire related to the sun, the moon, stars, and the night sky. Appropriately titled ‘Early Elf’ or early bird tickets are already sold out, with Frisky Fairies, Snoozing Gnome, and Sleeping Giant passes still available.

We got word from Duniya, who discussed their upcoming performance at Midwinter Magic, saying, “Duniya is honored to be able to celebrate the equinox by sharing our unique style of African music with the other artists and attendees. We recognize that music is sacred and inextricably linked to nature and the joyful celebration of its cycle.”

Marya Stark‘s team also revealed to us about their performance at the show: “Marya Stark is looking forward to bringing her world-folk ensemble performance to the lineup. She will be sharing songs from her latest album, ‘Weightless’, and is honored to be co-creating with all in attendance to celebrate this sacred shift in the great wheel of time. Get ready to sing along with her fairy songs, adventure into mythic worlds, and call in the new seasons.”

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