Dev Mehta Releases New Indie-Pop Single, ‘In My Mind’

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Dev Mehta edges out his sophomore release ‘In My Mind,’ a well-molded indie pop outing.

Dev Mehta, stage name of Devansh Mehta, follows up his debut music release, ‘You’re Alright,’ with a sleek acoustic/pop single that tracks one’s bottled-up emotions and the feeling of later regretting not disclosing them. For this composition, Mehta strings in mixing and mastering duties from mixing engineer Jason D’Souza and angelic vocal harmonies courtesy of Kareena Dholakia and Divya Iyer.

Dev Mehta – ‘In My Mind’

‘In My Mind’ unfurls with delicate acoustic guitar notes and gradually builds to an ear-pleasing tune with slick production and Dev’s mellifluous voice. A catchy guitar hook and soothing vocal harmonies are also clamped into the nearly four-minute indie pop single. The song is released alongside a lyric video featuring artwork assembled by Rahul Iyer.

Speaking about the song, Mehta shared, “We all have a rich and beautiful inner world which we keep to ourselves. It’s better to share your thoughts with courage and honesty than not saying what you need to say.”

‘In My Mind’ by Dev Mehta is currently streaming on all audio platforms.

Song Credits:
Written, composed, and performed by: Dev Mehta
Production: Shirish Singh
Mix/Master: Jason D’Souza
Backing Vocals: Kareena Dholakia, Divya Iyer
Artwork: Rahul Iyer

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