FuzzCulture Drops New Four Track EP, ‘Violent Delights’

Delhi-born and Mumbai-based artist Arsh Sharma, best known for his electronica project FuzzCulture, has released his fourth EP, ‘Violent Delights,’ carrying out roles in production, vocals, mixing, mastering, and incorporating a tinge of artificial intelligence.

FuzzCulture’s latest music record, ‘Violent Delights,’ assumes a more personal and unfiltered direction to songwriting whilst emitting a groovy electro-infused dance vibe. “I hope this EP brings people a little bit closer to the essence of what Fuzzculture is meant to be,” said Sharma in a statement.

FuzzCulture – ‘Violent Delights’ Music Video

The EP opens with the title song ‘Violent Delights,’ featuring nifty vocal arrangements, greased sonic shifts, and minimalistic percussive activity. The track is also accompanied by a video that is produced, animated, and edited by Arsh Sharma himself. ‘Bots Attack!’ follows next, presenting a scenario of a looming AI apocalypse, wrapped with realistic lyrics and a fact-action jumpy dance theme. Sharma fittingly threads in lyrics generated via ChatGPT for this bop.

‘Fidget Spinners’ leaps in with a rabid fire production and a rip-roaring tempo, highlighting the issue of youngsters developing ADHD as a result of an abundance of digital content. This was addressed in the Journal of the American Medical Association [2018], where the study concluded that frequent use of digital media may be associated with the development of ADHD symptoms.

‘Summer’s Gone,’ the final track on the EP, conveys the journey of carrying on from the past and embracing one’s present self. The track is anchored by rattling basslines and bleeping electro roars, exuding addictive dancefloor intensity.

Images via FuzzCulture

Speaking about ‘Violent Delights,’ Arsh expressed, “The EP for me represents the start of the next chapter in the story of FuzzCulture, the synths, and sounds are all analog, the vocals are raw and the videos are all self-directed so they give a complete overview of the imagination I have in my head while making music.”

‘Violent Delights’ tracklist:
1. Violent Delights
2. Bots Attack!
3. Fidget Spinners
4. Summer’s Gone

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