TFword Premiere: Rakuuth & Noizbleed – Neuroud

Released on Naye’s Recordings, ‘Neuroud’ marks Noizbleed’s newly formed imprint’s debut release.

The resurgence of bass music in India has been a fascinating ride to witness. After being in the shadows for over a decade, bass music is now making a triumphant return and is beginning to challenge the country’s most popular electronic genres.

The thriving underground landscape across different cities has given rise to platforms for artists to perform, release music, and seek support from their peers, and the subsequent result of that has been a steadily building ecosystem, which we’re witnessing in the form of record labels.

A few weeks ago, we saw the inception of the Bangalore-based label SCREECH, and now we have a supremely fresh concept from Sean Gonsalves, aka Noizbleed. Presenting Naye, a passion project with a simple idea that grew into a concept-oriented label to incorporate grander multi-cultural visions and narratives.

‘Naye’ stands for music that focuses on subcultural sounds and stories from different regions across India, which then intends to delve deeper into the sonic culture across the world. The label’s ethos stands for output that is technical, fun, experimental, and more reliant on the historical framework of electronic music.

To celebrate the label’s inception, Naye Recordings is all set to release ‘Neuroud,’ featuring label boss Noizbleed and Bangalore-based DJ and producer Rakuuth. While Anurag explores the gushing and adventurous sounds of bass music in Hellkitty, Rakuuth brings out his craft from a different dimension by immersing himself in his roots, which are inspired by traditional South Indian folk music merged with contemporary electronic music.

Collaborating with Rakuuth is Naye’s head honcho, Noizbleed, who has been one of the veterans of the bass music fraternity in the country. Starting as a trio, Sean Gonsalves has now fully taken over the reins of Noizbleed, which specializes in a range of bass music styles and genres. The project has also been responsible for some award-winning and groundbreaking scores (BIFFES, Emmy, Cannes Film Festival, etc.) films, commercials, and documentaries.

Bringing his vision of merging traditional Indian elements with bass music to life, Naye Recordings’ debut release sees the producers bring the distortions of performative Arabic Oud sounds paired with south Indian percussions such as Kanjira and Chendas to fruition. Commencing with a haunting intro, you are instantly introduced to the Arabic narrative of ‘Neuroud’ which then culminates in the high-syncopated journey of sampled percussions from the Himalayas. An excellent way to kickstart the label and is sure to impact the bass music spectrum in India.

‘Neuroud’ will be out on Naye Recordings on 11 December.

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