TFword in Conversation With Maurizzle

The German DJ and producer’s recent EP on Vibe Chemistry’s Make Your Era got us chatting with him about his release and plans for 2024.

The beauty of Maurizzle’s music is that you can’t pigeonhole him into a particular style. Ranging from the stripped-back style of drum & bass to the dancefloor ends of it, the German DJ and producer has been releasing quality music ever since his debut.

Having cemented his signature sound all over the west flank of Europe and the UK, Maurizzle has released on various labels that define his love for fun, bouncy, nostalgia-inducing, and high-syncopated drum and bass music. Closing the year on a high, Maurizzle has made his debut on Vibe Chemistry’s newly formed record label, Make Your Era.

Each track has a different character and influence. That is the secret recipe for the ‘Vice City’ EP. Three songs in one EP couldn’t be more different, yet they harmonize perfectly with each other. We wanted to know more about the prodigious German producer’s latest release. So we sat down with him for a deep dive about his EP, his sound, and lots more.

TFword: How did the Maurizzle journey begin?
Maurizzle: My journey began in 2014–2015 at a home party in my village. It was a party with over 130 people, and I was (and still am, haha) not used to mass people crowded in a small room. So I went to a room where a friend of mine sat alone in front of his computer. He was just opening an old version of Reason 5. I was immediately hooked by the idea of making my own music, so I spent the whole night trying to understand this programme, (which is quite confusing for a beginner :D). The next day, I saw a drawing signed “Maurizzle” on the table outside. As my own name is Maurice, I found the idea of calling myself Maurizzle as an artist amusing. I still don’t know who did that drawing, but yeah, he or she just gave me the idea for my artist name by accident.

The same guy introduced me to drum and bass, especially jumpup. As drum and bass is not really popular in Germany, it was such a different experience for me to listen to that “fast, robotic kind of style” tracks I had never heard before. And so I spent day after day at my mate’s computer and tried (more badly than well) to make my own dnb music, until at some point I bought my own home equipment.

TF: You’ve released a smashing EP on Make Your Era. What are your thoughts on the release?
I received a message from Tom (the manager of Make Your Era) at the end of 2022. He wanted to have an EP from me. Before we even finished the EP, he and Vibe Chemistry invited me to come to the UK to meet the team. I was so overwhelmed by this opportunity, as it was a big dream of mine to visit the UK. We had such a good time and this trip is something I will never forget.

We then worked on the EP for a whole year, which is quite a long time for a 3-track EP. When it was finally released, I was as happy as a child. And the reactions, especially to my track ‘Phonk’ with Obbley, were overwhelming.

I hadn’t expected such a response. I knew that the label had put a lot of time and effort into the promotion, but in the end, it’s the music that counts for the listener. And I was worried that my music wouldn’t be good enough to meet the demands, even though this EP also contains my personal favourite tunes. But in the end the opposite turned out to be true and I’m over the moon with the responses I’ve received for the EP.

TF: With the Vice City EP, we get to see three unique styles that you delve into. Talk us through the creative experience while working on the EP.
The EP began with the track “Vice City” and the story behind it is actually quite funny. I have to emphasise beforehand that I get hooked very quickly by external influences. It was the same here. My girlfriend and I used to watch the series “Strangers Things” and I was so fascinated by the whole 80’s style era that I even bought a denim jacket and wore it in that 80’s style. At the same time, I dug out an old version of Vice City and played it again. Because of all these 80’s influences I also started looking for suitable samples and so one morning ‘Vice City’ was born. I then sent the track to Tom and he immediately signed it within a few minutes, which is how this whole journey came about.

I then implemented this 80’s style in the promo videos. All my friends dressed accordingly, and we shot the videos in my favourite bar ‘Interpool’ in Celle, which still represents the old flair of the 80s and 90s.

For Waste of Time, I got together with my mates Justin Hoffmann and Jimmy Danger. Justin is also from my home town, and I met Jimmy on a music video shoot in England. Justin wanted to produce something along the lines of ‘Broken Love’ and that’s how the instrumental came about. Jimmy immediately jumped on the vibe and wrote what I think is the perfect melancholic vocal part for it.

For ‘Phonk’ I teamed up with my Mate ‘Obbley’. I really rate this guy as an artist and also as a friend. I love his style of making tunes, so I wanted to have a track with him on this EP. In fact, the track was born around January 2023. In the meantime, until it’s actual release, we saw that so many artists have their own Phonk X Jump Up Version released, so we were a bit afraid that we’re coming to late to the party. But happily, that was not the case and people really loved that track. 🙂

TF: Your penchant for the dancefloor has been evident ever since your first release. But with this EP, we can hear a balance between the dancefloor and the warmer side of DnB. What was approached differently in the EP?
I always wanted to make different tunes, not only ‘hard’ Jump Up. I love to make melodic and happy stuff, but I was always afraid to release these tunes as they were not hard enough for the raves. But in that time period, I released a track called ‘Lies’ on the label ‘Sub Motionz’ that was more melodic and vibey, and it got a huge response. People really liked it and told me to do more of this style. And that gave me the power and motivation to actually release some different kinds of D&B tracks.

I was also in my exam phase this year. So I studied the whole year constantly and wasn’t able to attend many raves, only some festivals in the summer. And as a person that gets hooked very quickly by external influences, I think the fact that I didn’t go to any raves let me step back from the harder side of DnB and opened the world for more vibier and happier DnB.

TF: What are the styles and genres you like exploring other than your formative ones?
I really love to dig into every genre that comes to mind. While studying, I really love to listen to older jazz and swing music. I also love to check out other cultural styles and their types of music, especially when it comes to vocals. I try to dig into every genre I come across, because there are gems everywhere. And that’s why I love drum and bass, because in drum and bass you are able to catch up with all these influences and styles and be able to make a drum and bass tune with them.

Drum and bass always came across as combining other genres and styles, and I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people are getting addicted to that genre. You can literally find a drum and bass tune for every mood, whether you’re sad or happy, angry or energetic.

TF: What would you reckon has been your finest moment of 2023?
One of my finest moments was definitely the catch-up with the Make Your Era team in the UK. It has been a dream for me since I started to make music to be able to meet new friends and explore new countries, especially the UK, only because of my music.

Artist-wise, my finest moment of 2023 was my gig at the famous German festival ‘SonneMondSterne’. It is a big festival with many stages and so many good artists in every genre. I was also able to bring my girlfriend with me, and it was her first festival in her life. I am so happy that she could experience the festival as an Artist-VIP with all the sick little things you wouldn’t even experience as a usual festival visitor, like being on stage in front of so many people and especially meeting one of her favorite Influencer ‘Pamela Reif’ backstage.

Producer-wise, watching videos from the legend Andy C playing the BiSH Remix of my Track Hybridize live in front of 40k people at the Boomtown Festival Mainstage was definitely one of the finest moments of 2023!!

TF: What can we expect from Maurizzle in 2024?
Maurizzle: As I will (hopefully) be done with my exams in March ’24, I will finally be able to focus more on making music. My head is stuck with so many ideas, and I can’t wait to bring them to life. I also worked on various special things regarding releases that might happen next year. It’s not 100% safe yet but when it’s confirmed, It’s safe to say that it will be one of my biggest releases in my career.

But beside of that, you can also expect some new tunes with different approaches than the usual outcome and you can catch me at some raves in Germany, Belgium and UK 🙂

TF: Five tunes you are feeling at the moment?
Maurizzle: CHYL, ZOOTAH – Let Go (Hayve Remix)
Everyone who played Rocket League should know CHYL’s tunes. And this remix has the perfect combination between Drum and Bass and Rocket League characteristics.

Rueben – Subtle
I can’t even describe it, the vibe of that tune is just so perfect, I love it.

Turbo Kevin & Blvck Crowz – Tainted Love (Dubplate)
I play that track in every set, is like a modern Tekk/Donk version of Tainted Love, It’s so sick!

Chet Baker – I Get Along Without You Very Well (Vocal Version)
That track gives me chill every time. Perfect for the winter time sitting on a sofa with a hot cup of tea and watching the snow falling down outside your window.

Epona – Misty
One of the most played songs for me while studying. The guitar is just so perfect, every time I listen to it I feel like I am in a different world. It’s so good.

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