Peekay’s Vocals Soar High on New Alternative Rock Single, ‘Horizon’

Hyderabad-based pop-rock and alternative-rock act Peekay aka Pranati Khanna follows up her 2023 album ‘Starlight,’ with a spine-rattling hard rock offering, ‘Horizon.’

Singer/songwriter Peekay’s latest music release ‘Horizon,’ traces its footings to writings in her journal, which later became a poem and ultimately, a nearly five-minute belter. The track’s narrative follows a broken world, with the artist outlining, “The world has gone to sh*t. We’re all literally witnessing the apocalypse. It’s like a dark comedy. The slow demise of time as we know it.” While on tour in support of her ‘Starlight’ album, Peekay and her band have been adding more material to their repertoire, with each new song darker and grittier than the last.

‘Horizon’ starts as a crisp rock ballad and gradually morphs into a darker/heavier alternative rock theme, waxed with stellar vocals, punchy guitar riffs, and intense drum motifs. Pranati’s voice beams brightly with polished harmonizes and powerful chorus passages that are flawlessly tailored to the music. Intricate production, clanging bass segments, and booming guitar chords complete the song.

Peekay – ‘Horizon’

“The song addresses the concepts of war in the world as well as within ourselves,” voices Peekay, adding, “The lyrics talk about the fact that we are approaching an apocalyptic era where we are all consumed with anxiety, addictions, missions of vengeance, and loose morals.”

Spotlighting the thought-provoking and daunting chorus, the artist explained, “I wrote the lyrics for the chorus in Horizon. “The worst is behind and still yet to come. There’s a battle on The Horizon” – because it’s true. You get over one hardship and the next one’s around the corner. You keep fighting. It never ends.” Peekay also conveyed that her favorite lyric in the track is “The greatest fall the hardest and it’s lonely at the top. You never miss the target ‘coz you know it’s all you’ve got.”

‘Horizon’ is accompanied by a music video helmed by filmmaker and photographer Karan Aryaman. Eagle-eyed viewers and followers of Peekay’s music will undoubtedly notice her 2021 RnB single ‘You Don’t Have To – Ft. Jonathan Edward’ playing over the static sound in the video’s opening frames.

Song Credits
Written by Peekay
Composed and Produced by Jonathan Edward
Mixed and Mastered by Keshav Dhar
Story/ Editing/ Production Design/ Direction: Karan Aryaman
Cinematography: Naveen Yadav and Siddam Manohar

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