La Brisa – An Aesthetic and Ocean-Themed Beach Club in Bali

Looking for a chill day across the ocean in Bali? La Brisa is the perfect place for putting your feet up and lounging on comfy bean bags and daybeds overlooking the ocean on the foreshore of Echo Beach. The beach club boasts a laid-back environment where you can relax all day, indulge in sustainably sourced meals, and be one with nature’s gifts amidst its palm trees, the ocean, the sea breeze, and the amazing vibes.

Open from 10 AM – 11 PM, your entire day at La Brisa can be time well spent. From a quiet, cozy spot by day to a vibrant and happening venue by night, La Brisa transforms itself into a great space for partygoers after the sun sets. It also welcomes electrifying DJs to lay out groovy tunes for everyone to sway and dance to. You may also take a dip in its pool, admiring the lovely views at the bohemian chic venue in Canggu.

About La Brisa

Standing atop a deck on the beach and offering jaw-dropping decor made from hundreds of old fisherman boats, La Brisa is among the top-tier eco-friendly venues in Bali. Although La Brisa offers a lovely time all day, the best time to be at the beach club is when the sun slowly sinks into the horizon. It could be among the top places to watch a sunset in Bali! Its decor is very well thought out and you can lounge all day, play games with your friends and family, or simply enjoy some quiet time by yourself.

You can take a dip into the ocean as well as the pools and sunbathe on the poolside sofas. Spend the early hours of the day and noon with your feet in the sand on the beach, and as time goes by, you may lounge on the chairs, beanbags, and daybeds set up on the deck amidst the trees. The rustic venue gets lit by night and exudes a warm and positive vibe. The venue’s stunning design, tropical music, delicious cocktails, and scrumptious food make it one of the best hangout spots in Bali.

Eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, tropical pizza, seasonal fruit platter, and smoothie bowl are served as brunch on weekends from 10 AM – 3 PM. La Brisa offers tantalizing delicacies such as mouthwatering locally sourced food, seafood like char-grilled octopus and 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder, snacks like fried calamari, marinated olives, and Korean chicken wings, and sweets, popsicles, ice cream pops, pizza, bowls, and bread. They also have vegan and gluten-free options. Near the main bar area is an open-fire grill every Saturday and Sunday, available from 4 PM onwards.

To elevate your waterfront experience, you can even book a boat table for a romantic date with your loved ones! For a fun-filled and memorable time with friends and family, you may book towers and kubus on the lava black sandy beaches at La Brisa. Groups of 4 – 6 can reserve double beds to chat for hours or hang out in comfort. The low bar table on the deck is where you can finish any pending work, sit by yourself admiring the view, or even bring a date!

Music at La Brisa

La Brisa hosts renowned DJs who dish out infectious and hair-raising sets for ravers with a selection of electronic, techno, disco, house or funk blasting through the speakers. As day turns to night, La Brisa sees an increase in guests who let loose and let the music take over them to bust their best moves. The beach club certainly knows how to throw a party! From pool parties to dancing for hours, you can’t get enough of La Brisa. DJs also get behind the deck from 5 PM – 9 PM for a sunset session.

Special Events at La Brisa

Book your mats and get ready to stretch! Along with entertainment, delicious food, and colorful and refreshing drinks, La Brisa allows its visitors to unwind, meditate, and do yoga on the beach. The sea breeze and the palm trees become the perfect setting for a yoga session.

You can countdown to 2024 with La Brisa this New Year’s Eve with headliner Fred P and BALDO. Last December, La Brisa also hosted a Boiler Room for a Christmas Eve get-together with Damiano von Erckert, Jakarta music group Precious Bloom, German DJ/producer Tama Sumo, and more on the roster.

In an effort to support local farmers and small businesses, La Brisa hosts farmer’s day every Sunday. Organic produce at this market is brought to you by LYD Organic Farm. Visitors can also shop for body care, beauty and zero-care products, baked goods, as well as upcycled fashion pieces. The new LYD Market is open from 10 AM – 4 PM.

Things to Know About La Brisa

  • La Brisa Bali is a beach located on Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan in Canggu. Open from 10 AM – 11 PM every day, it offers cocktails, espresso-based drinks, shisha, pool parties, yummy snacks, and scrumptious food.
  • You can book double beds, kubus, or towers at La Brisa to spend some unforgettable time with friends, family, or loved ones.
  • La Brisa welcomes incredibly skilled DJs and hosts Boiler Room, parties for revelers, as well as NYE parties, among other musical gigs.
  • You can also do yoga and attend the market that supports local farmers and small businesses on Sundays.
  • La Brisa is built from 500 old fishing boats that have been exquisitely handcrafted. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly venue that offers locally sourced food and also displays upcycled materials.

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