MAMII Talks About Her Performance At Rolling Meadows 2023-2024

With South Island’s premiere New Year music festival Rolling Meadows on the horizon, we journey to the extravaganza with Bradford-born and Christchurch-bred multi-genre DJ and artist manager Meg Arnett, best known as MAMII. We heard from the talented artist about performing at Rolling Meadows (RM), the eclectic mix of genres on offer, acts they are looking forward to catching onstage, and more!

During our last exchange with the artist, MAMII recounted the story of her first performance at Rolling Meadows, narrating, “I’d just driven straight from a set at R&A after minimal sleep, got to the bone line and it was stinking hot. My set was mid-afternoon and it absolutely ripped, pure bass house heaven amongst the heat and next to the Duckbrewe skate ramp which was so cool to watch.”

We had to check in with MAMII once again, who makes it three on the trot at RM. This is also the producer’s final performance for a while, as the electronic artist will be focusing on building MamiiMgmt in the coming year. “This will be my third year in a row at Rolling Meadows and each year the promoters outdo themselves, becoming more ambitious, taking more risks, and pulling off some insane feats,” says MAMII.

Rolling Meadow’s artist card features a grand mix of genres, with headliners Netskey, Swae Lee, and The Veronicas leading the charge. MAMII showers praise on the festival organizers and promoters for bagging its current roster, stating, “We have to give credit where credit is due for scoring major internationals such as Swae Lee. This is a HUGE jump in the right direction, especially for the Canterbury region, as punters from Otautahi aren’t having to travel as far for a quality New Year lineup.”

“This year, I’m really pleased to see a more diverse blend of genres and mediums with many more live bands involved. A favorite of mine is the local Otautahi band, Tealskie (alternative rock band) with their festival debut, I cannot wait to see them absolutely shred it,” she adds, speaking about the grand buffet of music on offer and one to look out for at the festival.

The artist also broke down her forthcoming set at Rolling Meadows 2023-2024, revealing, “I love challenging myself to do something off the blueprint. It’ll still have that classic MAMII flavor, don’t worry, it’ll just be slightly different than the club sets people are used to hearing which is all part of the fun.”

MAMII torches the Canopy Stage on December 31 from 2 PM onwards as part of the Fruit Blender takeover alongside Benjamin Hazlewood’s South Coast Systems, Antz, Malfi, and Rayza. She remarks, “I’m really grateful to be asked back for a third time, and this time to join the Fruit Blender Takeover on a 360° canopy stage setup. I’m really looking forward to the intimacy of that setup while providing a set far different than my usual club & festival sets. I wanted the focus this year to be on the tune selection & delivering a vibe that’s hand-curated for the feel of the 3 pm sun on your cheeks, perfect for the afternoon groove.”

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