Gindulgence Returns to Wellington for 2024 Edition

Don’t miss out on the Gindulgence Gin Festival coming to you at Frank Kitts Park, Wellington, on January 20 and 21, 2024. Dive headfirst into exploring the 29 different distillers at Gindulgence, offering over 90 different gins that you should definitely try! Tickets for the Gindulgence Gin Festival are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy. 

Take part in a celebration of all things gin taking place at Frank Kitts Park in Wellington, where 29 distilleries from New Zealand and all over the world will be present, sharing myriad varieties of gins for you to test out and maybe even helping you select a bottle or two to take home with you. This would be a great opportunity for you to explore and learn the art of crafting gin while sipping on bubbly cocktails and having a relaxed afternoon in the sun.

For the Wellington edition of Gindulgence, Gin exhibitors present at the event will be Christchurch-based award-winning small-batch gin – Curiosity Gin; multi-award-winning distillery from Tamar Valley wine area – Three Cuts Gin; handcrafted, small-batch distillation brand – Twelfth Hour Distillery; award-winning Aotearoa’s goddess of gin – Juno Gin; Dabblers Gin; Hector’s Gin; Wellington’s handcrafted Mothers Ruined; family-owned and operated Kiwi Spirit Distillery; Alchemist Mixology; Otago Peninsula’s handcrafted and distilled Sandymount; and 1919 Distilling, among others.

Your ticket will allow you to visit all 29 stalls and get a handful of testers to pick which gin you like the most to buy a bottle of. You’ll also have access to the Gin Theatre presentations, the festival program, and a free G&T festival glass. To go with the drinks, many local food vendors will also be present at the festival, ensuring your stomachs aren’t empty. The bites will always be present to help change your taste before trying out a new gin. Gindulgence would be an amazing experience for those who want to know more about the drinks they’re consuming, with the creators helping you expand your knowledge about the spirits!

Find your tickets to Gindulgence in Wellington at The Ticket Fairy.

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