Valorant Patch Note 7.12, New Map, and Operator Balancing

Valorant has recently undergone a massive update, which was their final update for 2023. It introduced episode seven, which saw minor changes to agents Gekko and Skye and a brand new TDM map, Drift. Below, we have listed down every change that occurred after the update, from the smallest bugs that were fixed to noticeable changes that you wouldn’t miss.

Just like other massively popular multiplayer games like itself, Valorant also gets regular updates that help fix bugs and glitches; but more importantly, these updates make the game more interesting. The latest update, 7.12 for episode 7, did exactly that, bringing a brand new map for the TDM mode called Drift.


Below you will find a brief description of everything new that came to episode seven: 

Agent Update  

Agent updates are not very frequent; however, sometimes these updates are important as they really affect the pick rate and sometimes even cost some players the match. Keep reading and find out the latest changes to your favorite agents in Valorant’s episode 7. 


Gekko is known for his special ability that allows him to reclaim his creatures, but in game situations, his mechanics have proven to be a little slow, costing the player the round or even the match. Developer Riot Games has gone over the operator and made subtle changes so his creatures return back faster. In addition, they’ve increased the reliability of Drizzy, who provides more incentive for him to engage when it’s reclaimed.

Reclaims for all Gekko’s creatures have become faster, from 2 seconds to 1 second. The next major change that Gekko got was Drizzy’s ability to locate and immediately attack the enemy by decreasing pre-fire time from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds and increasing missile speed from 7000 to 10000.


All major changes for Skye have been aimed at balancing her ability in the Trailblazer, where the camera is now disabled during the leap, and it’ll no longer cause a concussed explosion if destroyed mid-leap. Another notable update that took place is that her ability can concuss teammates as well if they’re in the range of the attack. The Trailblazer also has an additional feature that lets enemies and teammates know when they are destroyed mid-leap.

New TDM Map 

In every first-person shooter game, the map is extremely important. Being able to place yourself in various locations and have the upper hand over your enemies while your enemies still have the chance to outplay you is always a tricky situation that developers find themselves in.

For the newest map that’ll be in the Team DeathMatch, Drift, developers have countered all these problems by adding long-range as well as medium-range lanes where gunfights can be taken, while also providing several isolated lanes that help make important rotations or flanks to dominate the opposition. They’ve also given you zip lines to make unthinkable rotations and put pressure on the enemies, but the sheer size of the map will allow you to single out your enemies and eliminate them one by one.

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