All You Need to Know About Virtual Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a German professional football league that made waves in the Esports industry back in 2012 after becoming the first professional football league to have its own Esports championship. The Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) has steadily grown in popularity since its launch and, to this date, VBL is the only competition in the Esports industry directly integrated with the EA Sports FIFA game series.

Formed by the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), the league has seen steady growth in the last decade, featuring more teams and increasing viewership. But in the 2018-19 season, the Virtual Bundesliga got a dozen more eyes with the need for more football simulations, which resulted in the DFL launching the VBL Club Championship.

Virtual Bundesliga

The tournament called in teams from the north-west and south-east, dividing both to compete with one another until the finals, where the best teams from two different geological lines competed in the finals. Out of the numerous entries, only two of the best competitors qualify for the finals of the German eFootball Championship. In the single-player competition, the winner walks away with the grand prize pool of USD 100,000. To excite fans from all around the world, they host a worldwide Virtual Bundesliga International series that puts on display the most talented professional players competing at the highest level.

Where Can You Watch or Stream Virtual Bundesliga?

2023 brought to light quite a strong and important partnership between streaming services WOW and the VBL. Similar to streaming services like Amazon’s Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, WOW will now be hosting every major stream on their services and has already built a strong foundation in the Esports streaming industry.

The subscription to WOW will grant you access to broadcast key moments and various other formats of content that you’ll enjoy. However, if you aren’t able to purchase the subscription, you can always head over to their Twitch channel and watch every major screening live.

Check out the Virtual Bundesliga Twitch Channel


The first tournament for the VBL began on November 1, 2023, where any interested player could give it a shot at going pro. The open playoffs take about four months, which helps the sixteen best players move up into the quarterfinals. Every team then competes each month against the qualifiers from the VBL Club Championship, where the winners of the Open Playoffs secure a spot to play for the title of German VBL Champion. These qualifiers are also qualified to take part in further competitions. The two finalists will fight for victory at 2024’s VBL Grand Final and will be given a place in the FC Pro World Championship.

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