Call Of Duty Shares New Information About Skill-based Matchmaking

Call of Duty developers recently revealed through their blog that there’s a lot more that goes into the matchmaking for all your Call of Duty games, making it one of the key determining factors alongside a player’s impeccable mastery of the game.

It’s not a recent revelation that the matchmaking system in Call of Duty has been shrouded in controversy by players, some completely dominating lobbies and some that struggle to secure a single win. One of the biggest takeaways we got from Call of Duty’s newest announcement is that matchmaking in multiplayer games doesn’t work how we thought it did.

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As developers, Activision’s biggest priority with multiplayer matchmaking is to be able to deliver an exciting and fun experience while also giving players a level playing field of competition. Where the majority of games in the industry use the same skill-based matchmaking system, Activision focuses more on player performance in past matches to find you a lobby that would suit you best but yet be competitive.

Several other variables are taken into account other than skill-based matchmaking. One of the biggest and most important for any shooter game is connection, better known as ping, which plays an important factor in all multiplayer Call of Duty games and the matchmaking process.

Another notable factor is the time it takes to get into a match. It happens quite often that we’re sitting in the lobby with our friends, hoping to get into a game within thirty seconds; however, matchmaking takes longer than expected, and players restart the queue or even change the maps and modes, which in turn actually slows the process of getting a game. Leaving the lobby that you were put into slows down your enemy’s queue time, as the game will be in search of another player with the same skill level as you.

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The other handful of reasons you aren’t able to find yourself in a lobby would be your input device. If you’re a controller player, the game will find a lobby of controller players only for you to be a part of, but you can change that to cross-play and compete against mouse and keyboard (MnK) players. That’ll help you reduce the wait time in lobbies, but you’ll have a little bit of a tough time competing against MnK users. Another minor factor that might affect your matchmaking process would be if you enabled or disabled the voice chat option, as the game allows you to select whether you want to queue with people who opt for the option you’ve toggled.

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