Join The Adventurous Weekend At Magic Land In Glendhu Bay

Gather your squad and prepare yourself for an action-packed experience next month! Magic Land – an adventure sports festival, brings to you a variety of activities, including speedy flying, paragliding, base jumping, and skydiving, along with music and entertainment! So get ready to fly and dive from heights on March 22 and 23, 2024, at Glendhu Bay in Otago, New Zealand, as you immerse yourself in the enchantment of Magic Land. Tickets for the Magic Land Adventure Sports Festival are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy.

Magic Land presents the Fly50 exhibition to celebrate 50 years of the NZHGPA next month. Be a part of the mind-blowing affair wherein you can witness the Acro Fest Finals, skydiving and swooping, the southern club fly in, and free flyers expression session. Kids will be thrilled to see the pilots take over the sky from Mt. Coromandel to the festival and attempt to land on an inflatable raft on the water. This is the perfect outing with your family or friends. Magic Land kicks off with the “Free Flyers Fest” on Friday. You can get your Acro Fest, Friday Heli Fly In, Speed Flying Boogie add-ons while purchasing your tickets.

New Zealand’s official aerobatic competition Acrofest will take place on Saturday, March 23. The six finalists of the competition will get a free heli lift to launch. They will fly out over Magic Land to showcase their best tricks for the Grand Finals!

Magic Land is joining forces with the New Zealand Parachute Federation to host a Sky Diving Boogie and In Hop. Be prepared to see skydivers free-fall into the festival. It will also include an enormous NZ Flag jump. You will be seeing some of the most memorable swoop landings! A jaw-dropping display of wingsuit exits, base jumpers, and speed flying pilots zipping down the curves of Mt. Coromandel with elegance will fill you with awe!

And if all these activities weren’t exciting enough, Magic Land will also host the “world’s 1st F1 boat race experience” – F1 Super boat NZ. You can also find Paratows, Wild Wire, Wanaka Paragliding, Paddle Wanaka, Glendhu Bike Park, Bike Wanaka, Sky Dive Wanaka, and ProJet Boat on this multi-day excursion. Slack and Long Lines will be set up both at and around the festival grounds, so you can watch some balancing acts as well! If you want to join in on the action yourself, people of all ages can attempt to balance themselves on the slackline.

If you’re looking for some quiet time to reflect on or connect with yourself and nature at the festival, Magic Land has got you covered! The Bell Tent features yoga and sound healing sessions. Here, you can unwind, loosen up, chill and connect with yourself. Yoga teachers Alex Perez and Sam Saccomano will be present there and guide you on this tranquil journey. Magic Land is also taking the initiative to leave the stunning festival grounds greener than before! With $10, you can plant your own tree at the festival site’s carefully selected space for a restoration project.

In addition to all the action, live music enthusiasts can also enjoy musical acts and DJs offering killer tunes to elevate your fun-filled experience at Magic Land. Taking the Main Stage on Friday, March 22, are the reggae band Ord Road, Who said Disco’s Dead with Boaz, and “Everbody’s Favorite DJ” – Waz, with more to be announced. Local rock icons The Execs, Sion, and DJ Simon Shea have also been tapped for Magic Land. The two-day Adventure Sports Festival is also set to host Brukisan and Pil00t, alongside other exciting names on the artist card.

You can get delicious dishes from food vendors Mr Whippy, Fox and Badger, Jota Coffee, Mr Picanha, and Fruit ‘n’ Scoop. Camping will be open on Monday, March 18. Acro Fest qualifying, XC Coaching, BASE crew sharing local exit knowledge, Kayaking Fun Comp @ Hawea Wave, D-Bagging, Mountain Biking, Sports Climbing, and Paramotoring are among the activities you will be pleased by.

Please note: Magic Land is a BYO event; glass is not permitted. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.

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