Rono Pens His Regret On New Single, ‘Chali Aa’

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Rono croons to reclaim his lost love in his latest tune.

‘Chali Aa’ immediately engulfs listeners in the soft soundscapes dictated by nifty guitar and bass work over tender percussion. Rono poetically captures the essence of longing and regret in this number, which was written during his 60 songs in 60 days writing spree. The words juxtapose the grim message with a genial production that pulls into a slow-dancing atmosphere as ‘Chali Aa’ flares post-chorus with notable drums by Dhir Modi, saxophone by Brecilla D’Souza of Queendom, continued finesse on bass by Yohann Coutino and a short yet mesmerizing guitar solo to piece it together.

“It (Chali Aa) was inspired by missing the shit out of a person I’d pretty foolishly let go of. The relative silence of living alone during the pandemic made it pretty clear just how much I missed her voice and her presence,” shared Rono about the track. “I think my favorite part of this project is the sonic space that it sits in; this curious crossroads between sad and breezy. The beat makes you want to dance and vibe out, but the lyrics are about not being able to stand the silence of someone’s absence. I also hope this is one of those songs people can sad-dance to in their living rooms. If nothing else, I’d just like for people to listen to it and smile ruefully while their feet tap along.”

Rono will soon share a music video for ‘Chali Aa,’ which stars the artist alongside singer/saxophonist Brecilla D’Souza. In congruence with his work as a singer and music producer, Rono is also a skilled filmmaker and photographer and has partaken in ‘Chali Aa’s video as a co-director with Taab Arshad on director, editor, and videographer duties. “It’s a bunch of shots of me singing sadly while paradise happens around me. We plan to intercut with the Goa shots for that nostalgic flashback vibe. All in all, this might be one of the prettiest music videos we’ve ever made,” said the artist about the forthcoming video.

The latest tune comes after his 2023 single, ‘All Afternoon.‘ Following ‘Chali Aa,’ Rono gears up to select and produce his thirty days of daily Hindi songwriting challenge into an album. He shared, “The sound is going to be super organic and lo-fi and I’m likely working with some killer musicians that I haven’t properly collaborated with before, but really really admire.”

‘Chali Aa’ by Rono is now out on all platforms.

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