Top CS:GO Organizations In The Leaderboard

Counter-Strike has several major tournaments throughout the year, with over 500 teams and more than 3000 individual players competing for the title of the best team in the CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) Esports scene. We’ll be diving deeper and listing down five of the best teams in the game. It’s obviously difficult to pinpoint which team is the best in the world, as every team features incredibly gifted and skilled players; however, since CS:GO is a team sport, we’re looking at the most wins secured as well as the prize money collected in the previous years.

This is a list of the top 5 strongest CS:GO teams:


Vitality – CS:GO

Team Vitality is a leading Esports organization that takes part in all major tournaments for almost every Esports game. The team was formed back in 2013 by a group of friends with a strong passion for competing at the highest level of gaming in every major game. They hail from Paris and are currently one of the most influential and successful Esports organizations that emerged out of Europe, and have stayed hungry for winning ever since their starting days.

Currently, Vitality is at the top of the leaderboard in the world ranking for CS:GO with 983 points, with their roster featuring apEX and ZywOo, both hailing from France; FlameZ and Spinx, who are from Argentina; and lastly, Mezii, coming all the way from Britain.


Faze – CS:GO

If you’ve been following the Esports scene, it’s quite hard to miss out on Faze Clan and their success. Having a team for every major Esports, several content creators and internet personalities are also in close ties with Faze Clan, like Lebron James Jr., American rapper Lil Yachty, and many more.

Although they were being criticized for 2023’s performance in CS:GO, they’ve bounced back up and are currently ranked second in the leaderboard with 933 points.


Mouz – CS:GO

Mouz has been in the Esports scene for over two decades, having competed in 36 different games, won over 400 titles, and created a steadily growing, dedicated fan base. The team’s headquarters rest in Hamburg, where they’ve built a strong roster, and in March 2020, they were ranked first. With 2023 being a successful year, they came only a few points short and placed second in the leaderboard.

Their roster features extremely competent players such as Hungary’s Torzsi, Jimpphat from Finland, and their captain, Siuhy from Poland. Don’t miss out on their matches as they pull off some of the craziest plays and strategies that you could pick up on and use while you grind ranked in CS:GO 2.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere – CS:GO

Natus Vicere, better known as Team NAVI, is an Esports organization hailing from Ukraine that made its debut back in 2009, and it’s only been uphill since. Their performance in 2021 is one to remember, where they completely dominated every major event taking place in that year without even dropping a single map.

The team’s roster features Ukrainians B1t and Wonderful, the senior-most player in the squad, jL, also known as Justinas Lekavicius from Lithuania, NAVI’s captain Aleksib from Finland, and lastly, iM, who has shown great consistency throughout all his games.

The fifth-best team in the league right now is, better known as VP, a Russian professional organization that has been in the Esports realm for over a decade since 2003. has currently gathered 358 points and has great potential for securing and moving up to at least the top 3 in the league. They’ve gained a lot of attention through the years, building a strong fan base; however, the majority of hearts were stolen from Poland after putting up a great performance at the Golden Five, another major CS:GO tournament.

Everyone on’s roster originates from Russia, starting with their captain, Jame, who is the oldest player and most experienced in the team since 2019. The second-oldest player, FL1T, has been consistent in his gameplay ever since he joined back in 2021, followed by Fame and n0rb3r7, who were recruited during the same round of selection. The fifth player, Mir, who is the newest addition to the roster, joined the team last year and has shown excellent growth over only a few months.

We hope you enjoyed the list of the best Esports teams that are currently dominating the Counter-Strike scene. On February 19, another major will be held, where we might see all these teams listed above participating and giving their all in the hopes of securing the title of the best player. If you like to stay updated about everything new and upcoming in the esports scene, don’t forget to keep tuning in, as we have a lot more planned out for the near future.

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