Top Dota 2 Organizations In The Leaderboard

Dota 2 has ninety-six teams that compete in the Dota Pro Circuit each year, out of which twenty teams are selected to move towards the International, leaving only the best of the best competing for the title of Dota 2 team champions.

In this list, you will find the top five teams that occupied their respective spots in the leaderboard for 2023, along with the roster and information about each team. Keep reading to find out if your favorite team made it into the top five on the leaderboard of Dota 2!

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators, better known as GG, entered the Dota 2 competitive scene in February 2022 after signing a deal with a former Dota 2 competitor, Team Tickles. Although they’re a new team, GG dominated the 2023 DPC season, winning all three of the majors hosted by Valve.

Their roster includes the team’s captain and oldest players, Seleri and Dyranchyo, from Russia, along with Quinn from America, Ace from Denmark, and lastly, tOfu from Germany. Every player on this roster is in peak form, being able to dominate competitive lobbies and bringing home the title of best team in 2023 as well as the Dota 2’s International Trophy.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid was founded in the Netherlands in 2000 as a clan that was originally a StarCraft: Brood War clan but later switched to StartCraft II in 2010’s Beta, becoming one of the most successful Western teams.

It was on December 6, 2012, when Team Liquid announced that they had formed a Dota 2 division that slowly grew stronger each year. In 2017, they won their first international, but minor difficulties led to underperformance in 2018’s international. Team Liquid promised a comeback for the coming year and stayed true to it by placing second and winning many hearts. They’re currently second and only a few points behind the Gaimin Gladiators, with their roster featuring MiCke, Boxi, and Insania, who’ve all joined the team in 2019 and hails from Sweden, along with Nisha from Poland, and lastly, 33, who is the newest addition to the roster.

Team Spirit

Founded in 2015, Team Spirit is the second Eastern European Esports organization to have won the international after Na’Vi. They’re currently third on the leaderboard, but a few victories can easily bump them up to second place. Putting in the effort are five of their players, Ukraine’s Yatoro and Mira, who’ve both spent about three years in the same squad together. Next up is their captain and the oldest player, Miposhka, the fourth member – Collapse, and Larl, who is the newest but one of the most naturally talented players in the league, with all three latter players coming from Russia.


9Pandas is one of the newest Esports organizations that entered the competitive Dota 2 scene in April 2023. They’re based in Belgrade, Serbia, with four players on the roster from Russia, including their captain Solo, Alberkaaa, Antares, and the newest addition to 9Pandas, Kiyotaka. The fifth player is Darklords from Ukraine. He is given the title of carry, which usually implies he’s got the highest kills in almost every match.

LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming is an Esports organization situated in China and has been in the Dota competitive scene for over a decade. Formerly known as PSG, they later got into a partnership with a condiment brand and gaming technology company that led to LGD.sGty. After the partnership ended, the team rebranded to LGD Gaming and has kept the name since.

All five players are from China, starting with their captain, Y’, who joined the team on September 16, 2020, and has led the team to several grand victories. Next in line is Shiro, a young and naturally talented Dota 2 player. He provides support to the team by playing heroes who are better in defensive positions. The other three players in the squad are Niu, Pyw, and Setsu, all of whom gave the team a 43%/62% win rate.

We hope you found the list of the best teams that completely dominated the leaderboard in 2023 for Dota 2’s competitive scene. If you liked this piece and would like to stay up-to-date with every major Esports news, don’t forget to keep tuning in.

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