Zachary Ray And Sunep A Jamir Collaborate On ‘Sunglasses’

Boston/Mumbai-based American artist Zachary Ray teams up with Indian singer-songwriter Sunep A Jamir from Nagaland to deliver a bopping new single, ‘Sunglasses.’

Zachary Ray stamps yet another impression on the Indian independent music scene, this time with Nexa Season 2 winner Sunep Jamir in their most recent collaborative effort. “Although we talk about how putting on a pair of sunglasses can make you feel better about your day; the song is mostly about how our circumstances do not define us or how we don’t allow them to control our mood,” says Zachary.

Spanning three minutes, Ray and Jamir’s latest offering is a jovial, upbeat, lighthearted jam, shaped with greased production. Piped by Sunep’s rich vocals and lyrically penned in English and Ao (a dialect of the Ao tribe from Nagaland), the song observes the energy and optimism that arrive while donning a pair of tinted lenses, morphing an ordinary day into a spectacular celebration.

Zachary Ray, Sunep A Jamir – ‘Sunglasses’

Showering the Nexa Season 2 winner with praise, Ray remarks, “Sunep is an extremely talented musician. His vocals are beautifully executed and he really knows his voice. It was a joy to collaborate on this song together and even better going into the studio together and working on it.”

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‘Sunglasses’ arrives following the release of Zachary’s debut ten-track album, ‘Unafraid,’ in 2023 and several music releases with artists such as Shreya Bhattacharya, Akanksha Bhandari, and electronic duo Frntlfw. Hereafter, an exciting electronic project is in the works for Zachary Ray, with the pop producer commenting, “I’m working on a Drum and Bass EP with my friend and producer Mayank from Nagpur. I’ve always loved Drum & Bass music and the scene has such a great community. I’m finally getting to take time and write this EP.”

Song Credits
Producer: Zachary Ray & Hersh Desai
Mixing Mastering: Hersh Desai
Lyrics: Sunep A Jamir & Zachary Ray
Studio: Island City Studios

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