Catch Night Tales Live In Berlin on March 6, 2024

Australia and UK electronic pair Night Tales fly out on their maiden European adventure this February-March on the back of their latest release ‘Ready,’ a pulsating house/deep house dance beat. After conquering the masses at Electric Zoo, Brooklyn Mirage, Bonnaroo Festival, Pal Notre Festival, Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, etc., Australian-born electronic R&B/soul artist Kamaliza Salamba and UK-born/Aussie-based producer Aaron Bannie aka Third Floor now set their sights on Europe. Get your tickets to Night Tales Live in Berlin from The Ticket Fairy!

Berlin’s intimately arranged and vintage-style assembled Privatclub is slated to host the Australian and UK progressive/alternative project on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Privatclub on Skalitzer Street in Berlin is meticulously crafted for live performances of all genres, able to harbor upwards of 150 people in attendance. The venue welcomed alternative/indie musician Mellie Meteors in November last year, and will now light up for Italian funk/RnB artist Giacomo Turra, Berlin’s very own indie/alternative crew The Sprees, and Finnish composer Kebu in the weeks ahead.

Their approaching D.W.Y.W. tour sees the duo present their music to ears in Spain, France, Germany, and London in the United Kingdom.

Before heading out to Europe, Night Tales also dropped their latest piece of music – a grandiose three-and-half-minute deep-house/dance groove ‘Ready,’ cushioned by dainty vocals and finessed with the captivating progression of drums, bass, and synths. The newest tune comes on the back of a string of singles ‘Work It Out‘ with Champion DI, ‘Do What You Want (D.W.Y.W.),’ ‘Only If,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘Move You.’

In a statement about the release, the pair shared, “‘Ready’ is about the confidence that comes along with someone that feels right for you. In a way, it communicates a sense of commitment in a relationship. On a personal level, the vibe this track radiates is ‘I feel great about where this is going, let’s take it further.'”

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