Six Invitational 2024 Break Records, Beaulo Joins DarkZero and More

The Six Invitational 2024 was a major success in every way! The Rainbow Six Siege Esports tournament achieved record-breaking viewership for the finals, a cutthroat finale, the announcement of new tournaments and the return of a beloved pro player.

This tournament had content creators Jynxzi and Gaules as casters for the match against w7m Esports vs. Faze Clan. w7m came out victorious and took home the title of the best team at the biggest tournament Ubisoft conducts for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which began on February 13, 2024. It featured 20 of the best teams from all around the world competing for the iconic Sledge Hammer, the title of the best Esports team, along with a grand prize of $1 million.

Along with announcing the winners of the Six Invitational, Blast and Ubisoft unveiled details of future tournaments: two upcoming Rainbow Six Siege majors will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom, and the second in Montreal, Canada. They even announced next year’s Six Invitational location, which is slated to take shape in the US.

The first edition of Six Invitational 2024 also saw the return of retired prodigy Jason Beaulo Doty! He joined forces with the Esports organization DarkZero and again took the Rainbow Six Siege community by storm. His very first game with the purple squad took place at the Six International 2024, a game that Beaulo fans will remember.

It was quite a big surprise to the Rainbow Six Siege community when Beaulo announced his retirement in 2023 after TSM placed second in the Six Invitational NA Closed Qualifier. However, an even more shocking surprise made its way to the community in December 2023 after DarkZero announced that Beaulo would be joining hands with the purple roster.

Although his retirement was for eleven months, he returned to the first-person shooter a few months before joining DarkZero, where he played a match with Wildcard Gaming. He filled in the spot left by his former teammate at TSM, Bryan ‘Merc’ Wrzek, who couldn’t attend the match against DarkZero due to personal reasons. DarkZero duly noted his performance, and before anyone knew it, Jason Beaulo Doty signed a contract with DarkZero and made his way back into the Rainbow Six Siege Esports scene. After being on the roster for only two months, Beaulo made his debut out of retirement in the Six Invitational.

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