London Elektricity, Break and More Head to LOCUS Tulum 2024

UPDATE: A.M.C, Lenzman and Dom & Roland have dropped out of the line-up for LOCUS Tulum 2024 due to unforeseen circumstances. The festivals have announced DJ Craze, Bad Company UK, AirGlo, and Stealth, who are slated to take over the five-day showdown, with the possibility of another surprise act in the pipeline.

Drum & bass fiesta LOCUS has been put into high gear and is making its way back to Tulum, Mexico! This is the time for you to leave behind everything mundane and bask in five days of excitement at one of the biggest drum & bass festivals, starting from March 13 to March 17, 2024. Tickets to LOCUS Tulum 2024 are powered by The Ticket Fairy.

Drum & bass has slowly become more present throughout the years, with major festivals like EDC and Ultra adding more DnB artists to their line-ups. However, that is still not enough for a genre as vast as drum & bass – and this is where LOCUS comes into the mix! Curated by the founders of The Ticket Fairy, Ritesh Patel (Rit Locus) and Jigar Patel, LOCUS has been steadily bringing the DnB genre to the fore on the picturesque shores of Tulum. Having become known as a one-of-a-kind drum & bass bash, the festival aims to bring together the past, present, and future of DnB artists and music.

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Each artist that will be present will set the stage on fire with the hottest handpicked drum & bass mixes, with the first three days taking place at Leemba Beach Club on March 13. Day One will see UK-based multi-award-winning DJ/producer A.M.C. tear up the stage with his signature ‘Digging Deep’ set, followed by Norwegian DJ TeeBee, Rouen Wilkins aka Voltage, and EQ50 co-founder DJ Flight. The night will continue with performances from Harriet Jaxxon, the electronic duo Technimatic, Mob Tactics, Amit, Murdoc, and Squake.

Drum & bass legend DJ Break will drop some of the hardest mixes you’ll ever witness on Day Two, alongside Bristol-based Brazilian DJ S.P.Y., duo Pola & Bryson, and Tokyo-based DJ Makoto, who will have your heads banging to DnB music that is heavily influenced by 1970s soul, funk, and jazz fusion. You will later witness Emily Makis & Hi-Phi sharing the stage, along with stunning performances by Polaris, Submotive, Reid Speed, and Godfatha.

Day Three: The magic will carry onto the next day, wrapping up three days of LOCUS at Leemba Beach Club, where the legendary duo Fabio and Grooverider from Bristol will present one of their most jaw-dropping sets. You will also find yourself enjoying techstep and neurofunk – a DJ Calyx specialty. Machinedrum, Faces, Klute, Manchester-based producer Rohaan, British DJ/producer Will Keen aka Keeno, DnB and jungle DJ Ama, Viewer, and Dub Phizix and Strategy will round out the show on March 15.

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Days Four and Five will be hosted at the irresistible Buuts’ Ha’ Cenote Club. On March 17 (Day Four), LOCUS will bring the beloved techno, darkcore, and neurofunk DJs Ed Rush and Optical, who’ve been in the DnB scene ever since 1992. Day Four will also see Manchester’s Jenna G, Bristol-based Monrroe, guitarist/singer-turned-electronic-artist Degs, Kimyan Law, Sabrina, Dip Vertigo, Quadrant & Iris, and Dom & Roland lay out some of the hottest sets. DnB juggernauts Kemal & Rob Data will also return for LOCUS Tulum 2024 after a historic performance last year.

To bring the festival to an ultimate banging finish, LOCUS has roped in English electronic musician and co-founder of Hospital Records London Elektricity. Also joining the card are world-renowned drum and bass artist DJ Markey, Dieselboy, Lenzman, PAV4N, Flavor, and Dom & Kemal, along with a B2B set by Richter B2B Fallen; and finally, a ravishing set by LOCUS Festival co-founder Rit Locus himself.

This incredible line-up for the Locus Festival will be supported by some of the finest and most talented MCs you’ll find across the world, including legendary names such as Armanni Reign, MC Dino, Duskee, Dynamite MC, Fox, MC GQ, Jakes, MC Lowqui, Rage, MC Ridda Sirius Soundz, SP:MC, Stamina MC, and T.R.A.C.

LOCUS festival has always delivered the best drum & bass line-ups ever since they entered the scene in 2022, and this year’s line-up is yet another historical event in the making.

Head over to The Ticket Fairy and grab your tickets to LOCUS Tulum 2024 before they sell out!

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