Ditty Explores Her Deep Connection With Nature On ‘Skin’

Five years after gracing the world with her debut album ‘Poetry Ceylon,’ Indian independent artist and ecologist Ditty presents her new EP, ‘Skin.’

By releasing singles ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Money’ earlier on, musician Aditi Veena, aka Ditty, ardently exhibited the style of music and storytelling her latest EP ‘Skin’ had in store. Ditty’s most gripping interactions with the earth are woven into ‘Skin,’ a five-track composition filled with sincere, passionate, and evocative music coupled with themes of protest.

Submitting an understanding of the blueprint of ‘Skin’ and alluding to the pandemic and life-changing experiences that followed, the singer/songwriter shares, “Skin takes a lot from those experiences and speaks about connecting to the body of the earth and our bodies.”

Ditty – ‘Home in my skin

The EP unbinds with ‘Home in my skin,’ a nearly six-minute spoken word provocative piece laid over graceful string sonics courtesy of cellist Alina Anufrienko. The tune serves as a heartfelt apology to planet Earth and is released in tandem with a captivating music video. It is also Ditty’s first go at music production.

About ‘Home in my skin,’ Ditty voices, “I realized that we treat the Earth’s body like our own. We find it hard to slow down and treat ourselves like machines in a capitalist patriarchal construct. It speaks about coming home to ourselves – how hard and beautiful that is.”

Next is ‘Wonder,’ which starts as a strummy acoustic ballad and gently morphs into an uplifting indie-pop score riddled with assertive drum action, gloomy yet bright keyboard elements, and mellow horn details. ‘Mamma’ slots in between previous releases ‘Hold Me‘ and ‘Money,’ featuring diligent instrumentation and emphatic vocal arrangements conceiving a soothing melody. Musicians featured on these tracks include Dhruv Bhola (bass, keys), Karan Singh (drums), and Menzel Mutzke (trumpet).

‘Skin’ by Ditty is currently streaming on all platforms.

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