Particle Announces New Album ‘Pyro’

The debut album drops on the 15th of March on Kasra’s Critical Music.

Ever since Particle started releasing music, we can’t remember a single tune that has been below outstanding; and this has been done while playing a range of styles that are rooted in early jungle, techno, and breakbeat.

Particle’s exceptional knack of interlocking laidback and aggressive grooves together and presenting them with his steppy and rolling productions has earned the south Londoner an exclusive deal with Kasra’s forward-thinking imprint Critical Music, where he has released his entire original catalog since his debut on the label in 2019.

Last year was another highlight for Particle which began with the playful and snappy ‘Let It Go’. Then came the jump-up infused roller ‘Fooling’ followed by ‘South Side Stepper’ with Sustance, and his recent collaboration with Inja.

But little did we know this run of releases would culminate in an album. Well, cat’s out of the bag now, and we have Particle’s debut album named ‘Pyro’ which is landing on Critical Music on March 15. Featuring collaborations with Javeon, Inja, En:vy and YAANO, the album is a proper package of Particle’s exploratory undertakings.

So far, we have the title track, ‘The Message’ with Inja, and ‘Fooling’ out on all streaming platforms until the full release lands on Critical Music couple of weeks later. Until then, you can pre-order the album on Critical Music’s Bandcamp.

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