Songs To Look Forward To at LOCUS Tulum 2024

We’ve listed a few songs that we believe will have the potential to receive the loudest receptions when dropped at LOCUS Tulum’s third edition starting March 13.

There are great songs, there are outstanding songs, there are favorites, and then there are timeless tunes that continue to stand the test of time and eras. Fortunately, at LOCUS Tulum, you will get to witness artists from every era of drum & bass.

Pioneers, stalwarts, game changers, and modern-day hitmakers—there’s something for everyone on LOCUS Tulum’s line-up, which is the biggest the Americas have witnessed for the third time running. Naturally, with a heavyweight billing like this, Tulum’s glittery settings will warrant a selection of tunes that patrons would anticipate listening to from their favorite selectors.

Although it would be an enormous undertaking to enumerate all the great tunes from the line-up that is on offer, we have done our best to select a handful that we anticipate will do the rounds over the five-day extravaganza, which is now just a week away.

Starting with one of the most iconic tunes in the drum & bass genre. Such has been the nature of electronic music over the past two decades that songs have an extremely limited shelf-life; this tune, however, even after 24 years since its release, receives the loudest shouts when dropped. To make things sweeter, we have both Kemal & Rob Data, aka Konflict, on the line-up to drop their sonic masterpiece, something not many festivals can boast. Watch out for this one!

It’s just over a year since Pola & Bryson and Emily Makis released this gorgeous number on Shogun Audio; and it hasn’t taken long to witness the anthemic energy of the song wherever its creators have taken it with them. Both Pola & Bryson and Emily Makis are a part of LOCUS Tulum’s line-up, so expect this singalong to be unleashed in a multitude of ways next week.

DJ Marky’s Brazilian flair returns to Mexico for LOCUS Tulum’s third edition, and with him come the delightful atmospheres he creates with his DJ sets. One of DJ Marky’s most notable creations is his iconic collaboration with his compatriot XRS and Stamina MC, which defined the Liqui-funk era. Dropping ‘LK’ behind Tulum’s breathtaking backdrop would be the perfect way to make another unforgettable moment with this bona fide classic, which is just made for the beach.

The original from London Elektricity is a gorgeous piece but this remix from Apex took the track’s energy and transformative power to a completely new level, making it an unmissable tune for club, festival, and even home settings. The remix has created countless tear-jerking moments ever since its release, and we’re waiting for another one to be created in just a week’s time at LOCUS Tulum. Rest in paradise, Apex!

If you’re a drum & bass head, you know the mayhem this humdinger has caused over the past couple of years. While Strategy is making his third appearance at the festival, LOCUS Tulum 2024 will mark French quartet Visages’ debut and there is no doubt in our minds that ‘Lunar Eclipse’ will bring out the chewing bass faces when they belt this one next week.

Which tune are you looking forward to witnessing live at the third edition of LOCUS Tulum? and if in case you were living under a rock and haven’t booked your tickets to LOCUS Tulum 2024 yet, you can grab them from The Ticket Fairy.

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