Youngr Pays Homage To Linkin Park On ‘Tried So Hard’

British multi-instrumentalist/producer Youngr takes you on a sonic journey back to peak noughties with a stunning house rehash of Linkin Park’s epic hit ‘In The End,’ while also threading in winks of their 2003 alternative-rock/nu metal anthem ‘Numb.’

When the music radiates from Youngr’s 360-degree studio layout, you know you are in for a glorious multi-genre offering, coiled together with optimum use of bass, keys, synths, guitars, percussion, and crooning vocals. Now, weeks after American rockers Linkin Park freed their previously unheard single ‘Friendly Fire‘ (featuring vocals from late frontman Chester Bennington), the British songwriter and producer honors their music in true Youngr fashion.

After presenting his Linkin Park bootleg from Llamaland Studios in February 2022, Youngr befittingly succumbed to his fan’s requests in the comments and unleashed ‘Tried So Hard,’ peeling away the nu-metal/rap-rock layers on Linkin Park’s ‘In The End‘ to deliver a rousing dance number.

Youngr – ‘Tried So Hard’

Opening with a somber piano theme, the tempo oscillates rapidly with fluctuating house keys, deep synths, and looping percussive action. Three minutes into ‘Tried So Hard,’ Youngr crams in his remixed version of ‘Numb‘ spread over a bopping dance beat coupled with the track’s unmistakable melody on guitar.

‘Tried So Hard’ beams off Youngr’s upcoming album, celebrated by two sold-out gigs in London on April 12 and his hometown of Manchester on April 13.

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