Delta Heavy Go Deep With Their Latest Single

‘Punching Holes’ forms a part of their newly announced third studio album, ‘Midnight Forever.’

Delta Heavy are drum & bass entertainers. With every aesthetic of the genre in their locker, the duo has the ability to send you into an emotional overdrive with their synth-laden numbers, and on the other hand, their giant bass-heavy piledrivers can wreck you into pieces.

For over a decade, Delta Heavy have consistently released high-quality music, including two critically acclaimed full-length albums, and they have been highly influential in the way drum & bass is made today. With the launch of their self-titled label in 2022, the pair has been on a solid run of releases, a run which has now culminated in their third studio album, ‘Midnight Forever.’

Giving us a glimpse into their new album, Delta Heavy dropped the infectious ‘Get Down Tonight’ late last year, with singer-songwriter Hayley May, and the power-charged 4×4-led single ‘Ecstasy’ at the beginning of 2024. As they gain momentum towards the release, we have been served yet another Delta Heavy treat.

Their latest single, ‘Punching Holes,’ sees the duo dive deeper with a vocal-driven number featuring the voice of Georgia Meek, who’s worked with the likes of LUM!X, GotSome, PS1 and more. ‘Punching Holes’ showcases Delta Heavy’s undeniable affinity for resonant vocals, a hallmark of their work over the years. Propelled by the allure of Georgia Meek’s voice, the track builds into an intense offering, brimming with metallic bass stabs and laidback drum textures.

Details on ‘Midnight Forever’s release date so far are minimal, but fans should expect it to build on the duo’s well-established reputation for exquisite songwriting and immaculate production whilst exploring every facet of the genre.

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