TFword in Conversation With SIREN

The prolific drum & bass DJ and producer had a chat with us about her latest single, her style of production, her DJ sets, and lots more.

With the way Gemma Dobson, better known as SIREN, has been approaching her drum & bass craft, it won’t be long until she finds her name dominating conversations about the genre’s heavy hitters. Expert technical prowess and innovation at the heart of her creations, paired with her high-octane DJ sets and captivating stage presence, SIREN champions every aspect of her artistic undertakings.

Following the success of some electrifying releases since her debut, including the 2023 single, ‘Dark Nights’ featuring Stuart Rowe, SIREN embarked on a global journey last year that saw her dominate stages across the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Translating that same onstage energy into musical waveforms, SIREN kicked off 2024 with her latest single, ‘Let It Drop,’ which is a testament to her passion for the dancefloor.

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We were keen to know how the release came about, so we sat down with SIREN for a chat about the single, her style of music production, a sneak peek into the way she navigates her DJ sets, and lots more.

A single to kickstart the year, and it’s a belter and them some. What are your thoughts on how ‘Let It Drop’ has shaped up?
SIREN: Thank you! I’m really pleased with how the track has been received by fans and critics. I judge my music based on how it is received at the rave, this one goes off and then some every time it drops.

Dancefloor leaning, powerful, and full of energy—the tune has everything that we associate with SIREN’s style. Talk us through your journey of finding your formative sound.
SIREN: I only ever make music that I would want to hear and dance to myself. I take the experience from each of my tracks and inspiration from many musical influences, and then spend countless hours in the studio evolving and refining my sonic identity, pushing myself to new heights.

Ever since your debut, we have experienced an incredibly diverse sound palette from you. Going forward, is there anything you have in mind that you intend to pursue stylistically?
Thank you for recognising that, I’m eager to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of my creativity. I think it’s important to be versatile in your sound. As you grow as an artist, the sounds that inspire you change, and therefore, so does what you make.

All the music I’ve made, released and unreleased, sits on the harder side of the scene, I feel that’s what suits SIREN most and what I’m associated with especially with the style of my sets.

How do you go about working on your DJ sets?
SIREN:  I love spending time looking for music to play in my sets, I can lose hours discovering new artist and listening through from their oldest to newest releases finding tunes that resonate with me, it’s a balance of creativity, technical skill, and intuition. Understanding the audience is critical and building energy and a musical journey with my own personal touches.

Talk us through your favorite moment on the road in 2023. 
SIREN: That’s a tough one, I had a lot of great moments last year. Two that stick out are closing the Terra stage for my first ever Let it Roll and playing my first festival in the US. I landed and had an hour to get to stage, sounds stressful but I just see it as part of the excitement.

Who would you regard as your dream collaboration?
SIREN: There’s so many incredible Producers that inspire me. I would love to collaborate with Mefjus, A.M.C, The Prodigy, Kano, Redpill, to name a few.

What can we expect from SIREN in 2024?
SIREN: A lot of new music. I spent last year really working on my production skills, consequently, I have more music than ever before ready to go and share with the world. I’m really excited to share the tunes and showcase the progression in my skills.

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