Cinnamon Cigars Completes The Arc on Debut EP ‘Gone…’

Nagpur, India-based indie pair Cinnamon Cigars have just released their debut EP ‘Gone…’ that carries an account of the life journey of two individuals, their highs and lows, and their strife to make their love pan out.

After opening the year with a sonically delightful single, ‘Baby, We Can Make This Right…,’ singer/songwriter Geetika Chatterjee and music producer/composer Shubham Kundu, jointly known as Cinnamon Cigars, invite ears to their first EP release. ‘Gone…’ is scrupulously bound together by the underlying themes of the ups and downs two individuals go through. As healing and relapses occur, they take strides to make their relationship come out on top. “Each song digs deep into each emotion and gives it its meaning,” the duo said about their EP.

Earlier release ‘Baby, We Can Make This Right…’ opens the record with the shankh-imbued, piano-riddled and vocally harmonizing indie pop beat ‘Why’ tracking next, about which they said, “‘Why’ unravels the deep-rooted desire to escape to a home you’ve never been to before yet reminds you that peace can be found only when you stop running from the chaos.”

Cinnamon Cigars – ‘Why?

‘Still I Try’ picks up with rhythmic acoustic strumming, with glazed vocal performances atop a nifty melancholic production, speckled with uplifting sonics. Fittingly attuned to the music, as per Cinnamon Cigars, “‘Still I Try’ creates tyranny between two people who fail to realize that efforts prevail over any conflicts.”

‘And You’re Gone Now’ closes out the EP by offering a somber yet stimulating composition coated with pristine vocals from each musician. Blissful singing arranged over mellow guitar chords unravels the single as gentle keys and ambient sounds caress its melody.

Geetika and Shubham’s Cinnamon Cigars was born out of several jam sessions and poetry conversations, which led to the creation of music. The duo released their first single, ‘If the Night is Dark’ in 2022, and their music draws inspiration from artists such as indie rock/folk rock band The Paper Kites, sibling pop duo Angus & Julia Stone, and electronica/gypsy-jazz outfit Peter Cat Recording Co.

Cinnamon Cigars – ‘Gone…’

Talking about the EP, Shubham mentions, “To be honest, I don’t think any of the songs on the EP were written with the mindset that there were going on the EP, but they just made sense together. We were lucky on that part.”

“It’s amazing how we did not write these songs, leading that they would end up together, but in the end, they were narrating such a beautiful story. We were so surprised that we were like, ‘We have to release this as an EP,'” says Geetika. “The first song to the end – it talks about how two people are going through their struggles, problems, and arguments. By the end of the song in ‘Gone’, it just completes the entire story beautifully.”

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