liquidfive Joins Forces With Joel Coopa And Alltag For ‘Lights’

DJ/producer and songwriter Martin Maximilian Kotzur, who goes by liquidfive, has recently added ‘Lights’ to his impressive resume of music releases.

For ‘Lights,’ liquidfive has harnessed together the musical prowess of fellow German producers Joel Coopa and ‘Planet Soul‘ fame Gerrit Bergforth, aka Alltag. The track kicks off with mellow vocals laid over wobbly synth textures and quickly morphs into a groovy dance tune. Heavy bass throbbings ensue, with benign chime details and rumbling electro fragments piercing in.

The music enchants you with its whimsical vocals, synth patterns, and lush melodic flows. ‘Lights’ follows up from liquidfive’s string of undertakings in 2024, including ‘Veins‘ and ‘Girl with The Broken Heart,’ while also sharing its title with liquidfive’s 2023 music release, ‘Lights Are Blinding.’

liquidfive, Joel Coopa and Alltag – ‘Lights’

This latest tech house/house dance floor track was released alongside a music video that appears to be an immediate follow-up to ‘Veins,’ in which the producer collaborated with hip-hop vocalist B Martin. liquidfive went on to put yet another spin on the tune, with ‘Lights Club Mix‘ arriving just weeks later.

Song Credits
Producer: Martin Maximilian Kotzur
Composer: Martin Maximilian Kotzur
Composer: Andreas Hoppe
Composer: Gerrit Bergforth
Lyricist: Martin Maximilian Kotzur
Lyricist: Andreas Hoppe
Lyricist: Gerrit Bergforth

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