New Music Releases by Indian Artists in March 2024

In this list, we round up March’s music releases from singer-songwriters, music producers, and one very special debutant you should listen to!

Niyati Handa – ‘Yours Truly’

‘Yours Truly’- Niyati Handa

Singer/songwriter and composer Niyati Handa, who has been dabbling in indie pop and house genres, launches her first release of 2024, wrapped in pop, afro-pop, rap, and assertive flashes of Qawwali. With ‘Yours Truly,’ Handa squeezes in a luscious dance number written by singer/rapper Girish Nakod, with music producer Dronark overseeing production. Hindi-worded and loaded with a groovy dance vibe, the music triggers back to Handa’s previous works ‘Lost In You‘ and ‘For You‘ and continues to feature a ‘Y-O-U’ in the title.

The artist submits, “‘Yours Truly’ is a song about two people who are trying to show their love for each other in their own ways.”

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Vasuda Sharma – ‘Shiv Shiv – The Eternal Chant Vasuda’

Shiv Shiv – ‘The Eternal Chant Vasuda’

Singer/songwriter and producer Vasuda Sharma invites you to commemorate the Hindu festival of Maha Shivratri with her newest arrangement ‘Shiv Shiv – The Eternal Chant,’ weaved together with lyrics
by poet and philosopher Tulsidas. Released by her label Song Nest, the three-minute tribute song is delicately layered with the sonics of a guitar, banjo, flute, violin, and beating folkish percussions, gracefully echoed by Vasuda.

Speaking about the song on social media, Vasuda shared, “In this divine offering, Tulsidas’s eloquent verses capture the essence of Lord Shiva’s magnificence and grace, weaving a tapestry of devotion and reverence.”

Nikamma – ‘Ahana’

Nikamma – ‘Ahana’

Continuing to raise the indie-pop banner, Molfa Music opens the curtain on Delhi-based artist Aryan Sharma under the alias Nikamma for his debut music release Ahana.’ A bedroom recording, Nikamma’s maiden single zips through with fact-action percussive hoots, tuneful vocals, and a bouncy dance-pop production.

In a statement, the singer-songwriter shared, “I titled the track ‘Ahana’ because it signifies a radiating hope of a new beginning that will possibly result in something beautiful. The word also resembles the sun in a way, so I also compare my special person to the sun as her presence brightened my life up.”

Rono – ‘Stranger’

Rono performs ‘Stranger’ with singer Ramya Pothuri

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Rono adds to his impressive catalog of music releases, this time surfacing a tune shut away from the production desk for nearly a decade. The loss of a loved one, coupled with the sort of year 2023 was for the artist, triggered him to release this single.

Initially crafted in 2015 and regularly occupying a slot on Rono’s live set, the acoustic ballad folds in somber guitar strumming, buffered by Rono’s palliative vocals. Talking about the song, Rono states, “‘Stranger’ is a song about two people on the brink of falling apart and finding themselves in a new city; they hope that is enough to save them, but their hope becomes their undoing.”

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Saroj Kashyap – ‘Bruises’

Saroj Kashyap – ‘Bruises’

After whipping out singles ‘Rabbithomas,’ ‘Nargis‘ and the striking bluesy-rock ballad ‘Dancing with Demons‘ in 2023, Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Saroj Kashyap now offers up ‘Bruises,’ a tune that probes into the fine line between tough love and abuse. Produced, mixed, and mastered by composer Ritwik Bhattacharya, Saroj’s emotive lyrics are neatly ladled over a melancholic melody glazed by honeyed humming and a somber score.

Saroj mentions, “‘Bruises’ weaves together the fragmented memories of two individuals, each grappling with their own experiences of pain and vulnerability.” With deep, honest themes and a heartfelt narrative, Saroj’s pacifyingly haunting ‘Bruises’ stays latched onto you after a single listen.

Roy – ‘Chhod Ke Na Jaa’

Roy – ‘Chhod Ke Na Jaa’

Music producer and composer Sourav Roy, aka Roy, churns out ‘Chhod Ke,’ etched around themes of realizing someone’s worth after they are gone. The soundtrack is a well-crafted magnetic dance floor beat infused with instructive Hindi lyrics and booming sonics, documenting a story of love, loss, and introspection.

Its chorus was penned over a year ago, with Roy perfecting its razzmatazzing rhythm until its release. The DJ/producer stated, “Chhod Ke Na Jaa” serves as a testament to the human condition, offering solace to those who have experienced the ache of separation.”

INGA – ‘Oooh Lady!’

INGA – ‘Oooh Lady!’

Months after releasing her jazzy/blues number ‘Blown My Cover,’ singer-songwriter INGA raises the tempo with a lively folkish tempo on ‘Oooh Lady!’ The music lights up with INGA’s glossy humming and radiant vocals, fiercely morphing into a rollicking rhythm. Bouncy keys, light string work, thumping percussions, and rhythmic bass yanks via bassist Arnav Fernandes shape the single.

INGA wrote this song as a love song to herself while recognizing her own value. She promoted this release with a country-wide tour, performing in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Goa, and Bangalore.

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Apocryphal Ft. Kiran Desai & Dream Anatomy – ‘Evil’

Apocryphal Ft. Kiran Desai & Dream Anatomy – ‘Evil’

Guitarist and producer Karan Sancha’s metal project Apocryphal strikes a beefy chord with the new release ‘Evil,’ a hard-hitting song about developing a more real and durable self amid hardships. Sancha once again ropes in singer Dream Anatomy as a collaborator and pitches in husky, growling vocals from metalcore vocalist Kiran Desai.

‘Evil’ unwinds delicately with a key melody and gloomy string arrangements and rapidly flickers into a powerful progressive metal ballad, enveloped by pounding percussions, melancholic vocal sections, and meaty guitar riffs. “We were aiming at making a power-packed single. We were quite happy with what we ended up with – a quick ascension into a pulsating rhythm layered with mellow leads,” conveys the artist.

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