Nen Delivers Robust Vocals on New Release ‘Only Human’

New York-based singer/songwriter and multifaceted artist Nen has released a magnetic new composition, conceding it’s alright not to have it all figured out as we all are ‘Only Human.’

After releasing the keyboard-riddled tunes ‘Under The Fading Lights,’ ‘Fear of Drowning,’ and ‘I Can’t Be Mad I’m Just Sad,’ Nen’s catalog of music songs now features a fresh single ‘Only Human.’ Cast out two years to the release day of Nen’s widely streamed single, ‘Under The Fading Lights,’ the new tune is laced with thought-provoking lyrics and a rich melody.

‘Only Human’ unfurls with flickering electro chimes, laid over a gloomy percussive rhythm. The music builds gently over a grandiose key melody, ladled with tambourine rattles and Nen’s temperate vocals. A sleek keyboard arrangement molds the outro of the track.

Nen – ‘Only Human’

Speaking about the themes of ‘Only Human,’ Nen told us, “I’m tired of letting the fear of being ‘too much’ keep me from being what I am. I don’t want to exist in slow motion anymore. And I guess that’s why I wrote this song. The confession lives in the lyrics – I’m scared to admit that I’ll never be perfect. There’s pieces of me I don’t want you to see. I get lost in my mind and sometimes I lose all control.”

We were in attendance at Nen’s maiden performance in India in February 2024 at Mumbai’s seaside venue, Slink & Bardot. The singer performed a couple of songs, including a tear-jerking rendition of ‘Only Human’ with poignant vocals underscored by acoustic keys.

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