bar italia Announces Exclusive Show In Auckland, New Zealand

London’s heavy-hitting post punk/alternative rock triad bar italia set off for Auckland, New Zealand, to perform a one-night-only special showcase on June 2, 2024! Tickets to bar italia’s show in Auckland have just gone on sale; seize yours today from The Ticket Fairy.

Stitched together by Strange News Touring and Banished Music, bar italia takes their flavorful brand of experimental rock-pop, post-punk, shoegaze, and alternative/indie music to Karangahape Road’s prominent live events space, Neck of the Woods, in June. At the time of writing, this is their only gig in Aotearoa, kicking off from 8 PM onwards with a supporting act yet to be announced.

Founded during the lockdown, Londoners bar italia comprises musicians Jezmi Tarik Fehmi, Sam Fenton, and Nina Cristante, who is Rome-born and UK-based. The trio has released four albums since their inception, the most recent being the thirteen-track record ‘The Twit‘ released in late 2023.

This solitary performance in Auckland comes as part of a busy tour schedule that sees the band tour the United States and Canada in April, the UK and Europe in May, and then perform three shows in Australia.

Along with their music, bar italia has earned a reputation for keeping their social media activity limited, with words such as “elusive,” “mysterious,” and “low-key” floating around the internet. Nina Cristante and Sam Fenton addressed this in an interview with Dutch media outlet Numero Netherlands, saying, “We didn’t aim for mystery; at the beginning, we simply didn’t have much to discuss. We didn’t intend to avoid any topics. It just happened that people noticed our silence, and that’s when we realized we should start talking. We didn’t want to make a statement through anonymity.”

bar italia perform ance ‘Polly Armour’ on Office Hours.

In the same interview, Sam remarked, “The whole mystique around us has become a bit of a gimmick, and we acknowledge our role in that. We’re hoping that by doing interviews, we’ll appear less mysterious now!”

Tickets to bar italia at Neck of the Woods, Auckland are available on The Ticket Fairy

Find bar italia on: Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp | Apple Music

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