Tejas Presents An Intricate New EP, ‘Museum’

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Tejas, who has etched his name into comic book lore as the voice of Archie, serves up his new EP ‘Museum,’ embellished with sonics from classical instruments like the sarangi and bulbul tarang.

“I have always been inspired by museums – a sanctuary of knowledge and a ledger of human errors and cautionary tales. Museums are my comfort zones, and always serve as a reminder to be better and leave better behind,” shares Tejas. He used the tales of Hamlet and The Lion King, along with the challenging relationship with his father, as inspirations while cobbling together the EP.

Narrowly striding away from his signature pop-rock, soul, and electronica sound, ‘Museum’ is forged in an Indian folk aesthetic juiced with Tejas’ brand of progressive pop music. “I wanted to invoke a spiritual sense of the past and how eager we are to correct it but end up repeating the same mistakes in an individual and societal sense,” shared the singer/songwriter.

‘Exspiravit In Machina’ (Ghost in the Machine) kicks off the four-track EP, presenting a mystical instrumental piece caressed by the sarangi and a voice clip from his late father. Tejas is no stranger to seaming voice messages in his music, previously adding a note from his mother into his gutsy punk-rock single ‘Kindness.’

The title track offers three minutes of passionate vocals and soulful backing vocals, groovy keys, bouncy drum beats, dainty sarangi segments, and a catchy chorus, all heightened by bellowing Hindustani classical notes. Next up is ‘The Clock,’ dubbed the B-side, which is laid over poignant keys, emphatic bass and percussive action, with the sarangi graciously looming over the production.

‘Read Your Mind’ concludes the record, presenting relays of stellar vocal arrangments coupled with bright harmonies, delivering an eclectic indie pop tune. Via social media, Tejas dubbed his new EP as “an elaborate single,” which comprises an intro – ‘Exspiravit In Machina,’ A-side – ‘Museum,’ B-side – ‘The Clock,’ and a reprise – ‘Read Your Mind,’ calling back to the days when artists and bands would release music on vinyl records and cassettes.

Tejas – ‘Museum’

On a personal note, Tejas also communicated, “Museum has been an attempt at not just a reconciliation with my memory of my father, but also the exploration into my identity on a more literal level… Who I am as an Indian, as an immigrant, and to study my own history.”

‘Museum’ is produced by Tejas, Jehangir Jehangir, and Adil Kurwa and features sarangi player Vanraj Shastri. Multidisciplinary artist Nisha Vasudevan designed the Mughal era-inspired artwork. The animator and illustrator also posted a neat breakdown of the design process from scratch to finish on social media.

‘Museum’ by Tejas is out now on all streaming platforms.

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