Folk-electronic Duo Rusha & Blizza’s Catalog Acquired By Universal Music

The acquisition represents a monumental milestone, not just for Rusha & Blizza but for all Indian electronic music producers.

Pushing their experimental brand of folk-infused electronic music, Rusha & Blizza haven’t missed a beat since their debut. Razor-sharp, powerful, and evocative, the Delhi-based duo have mastered the art of harnessing the power of Indian folk elements and presenting them in the most empirical manner.

As they push higher with their seminal undertakings, Rusha & Blizza have had their catalog fully acquired by global giant Universal Music’s Indian contingent. In a move that marks a significant milestone for Indian music, Universal Music India have signed a groundbreaking agreement with the folk-electronic duo, acquiring Rusha & Blizza’s 34-track catalog.

Rusha & Blizza

The acquisition signifies a major win for both Rusha & Blizza and Alfa Records, led by Sarthak Kush, from whom the catalog was acquired by Universal Music. Having diligently cultivated Rusha & Blizza’s fanbase and laid the groundwork for their transition to Universal Music India, the collaboration serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring Indian electronic music producers, showcasing the boundless potential within the genre.

With this groundbreaking deal, a new chapter unfolds for Indian electronic music. The synergy between talented artists and strategic label support from both Alfa Records and Universal Music India sets the stage for a future brimming with innovative possibilities. This historic acquisition is a testament to the burgeoning Indian electronic music scene and the exciting potential that lies ahead.

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