Singer-Songwriter Shubham Kundu Releases New Single, ‘These Days’

Nagpur-based musician Shubham Kundu readies his upcoming EP with a new composition.

Shubham Kundu, who floats his time as a singer/songwriter, music producer, and composer at his Nahi Bros music studio and his collaborative project Cinnamon Cigars, and as an informative YouTuber, has just released a brand new single.

‘These Days,’ the second track from Shubham’s upcoming three-track EP, is laced with themes of profound emotional struggle, molded over a blueprint of acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals. Steady drum action, electronic guitar marks, and elegant production complete the single, as Shubham’s poignant vocals shroud the music, beamed by strong backing harmonies.

About ‘These Days,’ Shubham shares, “I genuinely believe this song resonates deeply with the heart, more so than any other I’ve written.”

Shubham Kundu – ‘These Days’

In a statement, the artist also communicates, “The lyrics convey a deep emotional struggle, with imagery of frozen tears and feeling overwhelmed by fear. Despite this, there’s a longing for connection and support, expressed through a desire to find someone to share the burden. Overall, the lyrics depict grappling with inner turmoil while seeking connection and strength to persevere.”

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