TFword in Conversation With Brigado Crew

Following the release of their latest single, ‘Time Slave,’ the formidable duo sat with us for a chat about the release, their journey, and lots more.

Coming together to amplify their passion for making music together, Brian Harrison and Martín Kasall formed Brigado Crew in Buenos Aires in 2012. Honing their craft for a few years until releasing their first single in 2017, Brigado Crew have now harnessed the raw power of house and techno music to perfection.

‘Zulu’ marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, and since then, Brigado Crew’s innovative sounds have garnered support from industry luminaries such as Solomun, Tale Of Us, and Adriatique, while sharing decks with powerhouses like Paul Kalkbrenner and Nora En Pure, among many others.

Throughout their career, Brigado Crew have released their music on some of the biggest dance music labels worldwide, but 2022 is when Brigado Crew took the initiative in their hands by starting their own record label, Symbiosis Project. Marking their second release of 2024, the Argentinian duo have now returned to their label for their latest single alongside Crisstiano.

‘Time Slave’ represents Brigado Crew’s penchant for deep and driving melodies, with Crisstiano adding his flair to a tune that is crafted for the dancefloor. We were keen to know the duo’s thoughts on their single, so we sat down for a chat to know more about ‘Time Slave,’ their journey so far, and their plans for the rest of the year; Here is what they had to say:

TFword: Big congratulations on the release of your new single, guys. When did you start working on the tune?
Brigado Crew: Thank you! We started working on it already last year, around April.

‘Time Slave’ marks your second release of the year. How has 2024 been for you so far in terms of music and shows?
Brigado Crew: This year has been really great so far. We have lots of show bookings around the world, visiting a loooot of new countries, and a lot of new music is also coming out on our label and for Brigado Crew as well.

We love the piercing narrative of the tune. What was the creative approach for ‘Time Slave’?
Brigado Crew: First of all, we started with the vocal and then tried to adjust everything to it. We are super happy with the outcome.

Yet another release with Crisstiano. How has it been like working with him?
Brigado Crew: Working with Crisstiano is always a pleasure. He is so talented and the chemistry together is so nice. We look forward to many more collabs in the future.

Let’s talk about the second drop; It’s a proper mind-bender. Tell us more about how the second drop shaped up while making the tune?
Brigado Crew: Uffff, we tried many options out! We wanted an epic drop in that place, so we tried like 5-6 versions and this one was the winner! We are glad to hear you like it too.

We’re aware of when Brigado Crew came together, but what was the moment when you guys felt there was a unique sonic connection before coming together?
Brigado Crew: Music handled that entirely!!

How would you guys like to describe your collective journey so far?
Brigado Crew: We always work to be like one, of course, there are some tasks that have to be handled by one of us, but otherwise we try to be as in sync as possible.

How does Brigado Crew’s studio time look like?
Brigado Crew: We meet around 3/4 times per week. We usually have ideas ready before meeting and when we are together, it’s like the final decision to solve the track and finish it.

What have Brigado Crew planned for us for the second half of the year?
Brigado Crew: Well, 3 showcases from our label (the first ones), many many new cities to visit on tour and showcase our music and with 4/5 releases coming up!

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