Youngr Drops Magical New Ten-Track Album

British singer-songwriter and producer Youngr takes you on a dazzling musical voyage through his new album ‘Let The Music Guide Us,’ released via Blue Llama Records.

Multi-instrumentalist Youngr presents his newest record ‘Let The Music Guide Us,’ a clear dance floor draw pleasingly wrapped in eclectic beats, throbbing bass segments, and stunning production.

Touted as “a kaleidoscopic portal into his sound, mind, and soul,” the album flourishes with ambitious rehashes of Coldplay’s ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ exhibited as ‘God Put A Smile Upon My Face,’ calling back Backstreet Boys’ ‘Everybody,’ and Jamiroquai’s 1996 hit single ‘Virtual Insanity,’ neatly folded as ‘Cosmic Insanity.’

Youngr – ‘God Put A Smile Upon My Face’

‘Higher’ strikes first and slaps hard with wobbling bass action, gracious synth work, and groovy electro details, while tracks ‘The Bam Bam Song’ and ‘Love in The Room’ exhibit funky house themes caressed by an upbeat dancy/jumpy vibe.

‘Heavy Glow’ wallops a tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, commencing with the unmistakable guitar intro to ‘Californication’ and reeling in lyrics from ‘By The Way,’ ‘Scar Tissue,’ ‘Otherside,’ ‘Can’t Stop,’ ‘Under The Bridge,’ and ‘Dani California,’ all seamlessly arranged over a dance-pop tune.

Youngr – ‘Everybody’

‘Rich’ is fanned over an out-and-out dance floor tempo with techy and gritty flashes and invigorating beat drops. ‘Bright Souls,’ an elegant house production, features Youngr’s enigmatic and soulful key melodies that ravishingly uplift and conclude the entire album. The previous release ‘Tried So Hard’ also made it onto the tracklist. 

Youngr celebrated the album’s release with gigs in London, Manchester, and Berlin, with a concert in Brooklyn also on the cards. He gave a mesmerizing performance of ‘God Put a Smile upon My Face’ during his TEDxManchester visit in late March 2024.

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