Tiger Baby Records and SoBo House of Music Craft New EP, ‘Dance With Me’

After flailing out The Dharavi Dream Project’s hip-hop EP ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai’ with Saniya MQ, Kavikaar, and Hashbass, Tiger Baby Records strings together yet another record, this time with Mumbai-based music school SoBo House of Music.

“When the opportunity arose to collaborate with ‘Tiger Baby Records’ on something as exciting as this, we were all in!” says Stephen Fernandes, co-founder of SoBo House of Music. “We consider ourselves truly grateful to be able to produce and showcase the young talent we’ve been nurturing over the years.”

‘Dance With Me,’ a disco-funk-inspired six-track EP, is the third installment in a volume of four children’s music EPs (the previous being ‘Aaja Nindiya‘ and ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai‘) with Tiger Baby Records’ co-founder Ankur Tewari serving as creative director.

It is composed and produced by SoBo school teachers and musicians—Stephen Fernandes, Garth D’mello, Nathan D’souza, and Bradley Tellis—and features students Soha Koradia, Divisha Khandelwal, Shriya Rao, Anaisha Chaudhary, Sana Lamba, and Annika Nair.

Top (left to right): Shriya Rao, Divisha Khandelwal, and Anaisha Chaudhary.
Bottom (left to right): Annika Nai, Sana Lamba, and Soha Koradia. (All images courtesy SoBo House of Music.)

Each song on the EP features one of the young proteges performing in vocals in Hindi and English, producing a collection of buoyant, spirited, and danceable melodies. Divisha Khandelwal’s ‘You & I’ opens out the EP and immediately transports you back in time. The jumpy-dancy number is completed by its stellar sax and guitar arrangements.

‘Saturday’ by Sana Lamba follows next with its retro-funk feel spread over a ravishing key canvas, while Annika Nair’s ‘It’s Your Birthday’ serves up an energetic disco-era ballad fueled by an upbeat tune and vibrant vocals. The title track, ‘Dance With Me,’ delivers a solid throwback with its funk/pop structure and elegant vocals via Anaisha Chaudhary.

‘Together Forever’ sees Soha Koradia’s voice steer the composition into a grandiose feel-good rhythm, seamed together with bright horns, keys, and guitar sections. Shriya Rao’s ‘Tonight’ concludes EP, displaying tidy harmonies over a funky/pop-rock beat.

‘Dance With Me’

Talking about the EP, Tiger Baby Records’ co-founder Ankur Tewari also shared in a statement, “When we asked some kids what they love dancing to, a bunch of them said ABBA and Disco Deewaane by Nazia Hasan. That gave us the clue to explore the 80s’ throwback sounds with a slice of disco and funk. We collaborated with kids from SoBo School of Music to compose and perform the music that they’d love to dance to.”

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