AVAION Drops Debut Album And A Masterful Live Performance Video

German producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist AVAION has released his first full-length album, ‘Selfreflection.’

Going so far as to ink the album title on his arm, Producer/DJ Christopher Stein aka AVAION makes good on a commitment made to himself seven years ago with his debut album ‘Selfreflection.’ Consisting of fifteen tracks, ‘Selfreflection’ was released in April 2024 and chronicled his artistic growth from his bedroom studio.

AVAION’s new record steadily uncoils with ‘Interlude,’ a journey of melancholic keys and gloomy vocals. Previous release ‘Pieces’ ensues next with its strong bass thumps, dulcet vocals, and minimalistic texture. It is followed by ‘Other Side,’ which features German producer BUNT (Levi Wijk). 

AVAION – ‘Hiding’

‘Broken’ lets loose a sleek dancefloor tune, commencing with acoustic guitar strums and trudging forward with passionate vocals and an upbeat synth-led rhythm. Speaking with FifteenQuestions, AVAION had previously highlighted the vocal aspects in his music, remarking, “In my songs, such as ‘Pieces’ and ‘Broken,’ the vocals are a really crucial aspect in setting the vibe and getting the emotion across.”

Singer-songwriter Euan Allison aka MAGNUS drops in as a collaborator on the house banger ‘Where did you go,’ while artist Tudor sits on ‘Heaven to me’ – a feel-good tropical/deep house composition. ‘Hiding’ seamlessly shifts between a hardy EDM theme and a piano-riddled ballad, while ‘Call my name’ immaculately produces ambient sonics and rippling beats.

AVAION enlists yet another collaborator in German producer Thandi for crafting ‘Always on my mind,’ a magnetic deep house mix. ‘Every Night’ concludes the album by offering a stellar house tune. Post the album’s release, AVAION held a live performance of the album on YouTube; check it out below!

AVAION – ‘Selfreflection’

‘Selfreflection’ Tracklist
1. Interlude
2. Pieces
3. Other Side [AVAION x BUNT.]
4. Broken
5. Where did you go [AVAION x MAGNUS]
6. Hiding
7. Stop the time
8. So lone
9. Call my name
10. Loving you
11. You again
12. Stay
13. Heaven to Me [feat.Tudor]
14. Always on my mind
15. Every night

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