Alan Walker and Kylie Cantrall Join Forces For New Single

Norwegian music producer Alan Walker enlists the vocal chops of actor and singer Kylie Cantrall on the new dance-pop banger, ‘Unsure.’

‘Unsure’ was concocted with Walker remixing different music trending on TikTok, particularly a piece written by LA-based musician Jex Jordyn. Walker created multiple mixes of this tune and used the online platform to ask fans to vote for their favorite. Cantrall sang over this melody on TikTok, to which Walker subsequently added her vocals to the production.

Songwriter and pianist Jex Jordyn took to social media to share a few thoughts about ‘Unsure.’ She expressed, “I am genuinely so proud of this song and the vulnerability I tapped into to write it, and I am SO stoked it’s been brought to life by the most incredible talents.”

‘Unsure’ sticks to the ‘Faded’ hitmaker’s method of assembling immaculately produced vocal segments flared over a lush soundscape while constructing a lively electro-house progressive dance beat. Clocking in at nearly three minutes, the track sees Cantrall’s vocal mastery on full display, performed over a celestial canvas of sonics that lead you to a state of euphoria.

Alan Walker and Kylie Cantrall – ‘Unsure’

Speaking about the release, Walker shared, “Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by great friends, talented creators, and my own dreams. I feel incredibly privileged to have grown up within an online community of skilled creators, and I seize every opportunity to allow new creators the chance to discover the same. The entire process with ‘Unsure’ has been an incredibly inspiring journey. I hope you feel the same.”

Meanwhile, Kylie Cantrall also stated, “It was so cool getting to collaborate with such a visionary artist like Alan. I truly didn’t think I would get to be a part of something this extraordinary and to think it all came from that day I duetted him on TikTok. Hearing the song come to life with me on it and getting to create a music video with him from opposite sides of the world has all been mind-blowing! I can’t wait for people to see how we made it all happen.”

The line, “I can’t wait for people to see how we made it all happen,” also references the music video, which was filmed by both artists separately due to scheduling conflicts using AI-motion caption software.

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