TFword in Conversation With Duckworthsound & Dread MC

Following their second collaboration, the pair sat down with us to discuss their latest releases – ‘The Grind’ and ‘BALA,’ their experience working together, and lots more.

When you bring two artists who possess the ability to pull any style out of the hat to make music together, the result is spectacular. Something that has occurred twice with Duckworthsound and Dread MC this year on tunes like ‘The Grind’ and ‘BALA.’

Duckworthsound’s unmatched energy on stage, which he translates seamlessly into his music, has led to him accumulating hard-hitting releases on Mad Decent, Confession, Insomniac, Barong Family, Armada, Mixmash, Hysteria, and Thrive, among many others.

His collaborative partner Dread MC, who is fresh off his hit single ‘My Type’ with Emily Makis, is known to be a rave specialist for working with a star-studded list of artists like Shift K3Y AC Slater, Redlight, Chris Lorenzo, Flava D, Holy Goof, NOTION, VOLAC, BIJOU, Dr. Fresch, and Taiki Nulight – a run that spans across the lengths of electronic music’s underground and mainstream capabilities.

Coming together for the first time for back-to-back releases, Duckworthsound and Dread MC have showcased their vibrant and high-intensity sound palette on their recently formed Duckplates imprint. We took the opportunity to speak with the pair about their collaboration, the creative insights of the singles, and upcoming music, and here is what they had to say:

TFword: Two smashing tunes in the form of ‘The Grind’ and ‘BALA.’ What are your thoughts on how they have shaped up?
Thank you – I’ve really enjoyed the process of releasing music again, like Dread said The Grind really came together as a track to motivate and showcase our work. All of our tracks we plan to put out this year have the formula of high energy and motivating music, and the genre/styles we capture with them will be different in the best way every time. BALA for example, is a lot more intense, mixing a 140 style track with Dreads vocals & bringing in different unique elements we tried with the drums on this – but the one thing that’s remained is our high energy style.

Personally, I’m very happy with how they’re shaping up, the support so far has been great, we’ve been featured by Spotify, SoundCloud, Beatport, and YouTube, so it’s amazing to see. Especially for myself as The Grind was the first original I released in over a year, it’s good to be back releasing original music & Duckplates will be something that takes time to build up and grow.

Dread MC: For me, it was purposely built tune for anyone in any creative field basically highlighting the constant graft and work you have to put in. Myself and Luke work so hard and are so dedicated to music it was an introduction to the label to say, keep going, keep pushing, keep working. 

TF: Both releases have the weighty and powerful dynamics we associate with your style. Talk us through the creative process of the tune?
So with myself & Dread I usually like to make a 2-minute draft of an idea for a track, sometimes it can intentionally feel a bit empty – like the grind for example, as I really had the idea the vocal will fill out most of the drop, it becomes a call and response style track with the drop going from just vocals and minimal sounds to bringing it all back in for the 2nd parts of the drop.

BALA was a real fun one to make, the original track I had been playing around with ideas for a month or so, trying it out at different BPM’s and drum arrangements really changes the whole flow this track had. When Dread had the idea for the vocal being mainly just a high energy shout, it really just laid itself out for me as to how this track is going to work with that vocal.

Dread MC: I’m not even entirely sure where I got the idea from shouting “Bala” but I loved the production on it from Luke (Duckworthsound) that day or the night before I was working a Goldie interview but I recently went on Tour in Japan with Clipz and Goldie was at the Shows in Tokyo and Kyoto and he is inspiring for me without giving too much away about the future releases I’m paying homage to loads of musicians I look up to and admire. This one, which I will share, is a big up to Spyda, Juiceman and Goldie. How I like to make music is people can have their own perception on things.  

TF: What was the moment that struck Duckworthsound & Dread MC’s creative chord and inspired you guys to make music together?
I remember reaching out to Dread in early 2020 as I had a track I was hoping to work with him on (that never actually came out, we did end up using the vocals for another track later) after that I think we just started shooting ideas back and forth with each other, I had other tracks and other ideas we started working with. At the time, I had some London shows coming up and thought it’d be a good idea for us to do shows together. It’s really felt like the energy we have on stage matched up well and it’s been a good vibe ever since.

Dread MC: I don’t even know how we met, hopefully Luke remembers. I know we clicked and we did some amazing shows together at Ministry of sound and after the first one. We was like this link up is good. We was able to do more shows and Duckworthsound did my Bristol show doing tracks from my debut album “pressure drop” that was release on Crucast.

TF: How long were the singles in the works?
Some singles we’ve held on to for years, some tracks really just snapped together well and we finished them up in a week and have them planned for release this year.

Dread MC: Singles been in the works for over a year. It’s been a lot of planning and a lot of back and forth to get mixes right, and we got various collabs with artists and vocalists to come. The whole process has been quietly in the works for a long time. 

TF: Going forward, is there anything Duckworthsound & Dread MC have in mind that you intend to pursue stylistically?
For myself personally I am wanting to just get back to my best self when it comes to releasing music, getting back to enjoying every release, enjoying the process & building Duckplates up whilst still growing as an artist myself. 

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of things, new skills and gain knowledge from building Duckplates up, it’s all about still learning and growing and enjoying everything that comes from it.

Dread MC: For me, I really believe in this vibe we are creating. We only had one release and already secured some small intimate club sets and I want to steadily build on that and have opportunities for people to play at our events. 

TF: Talk us through your favorite moment on the road so far in 2024.
Duckworthsound: Currently, 2024 has really only felt like it’s just begun when it comes to Duckplates. I enjoyed the time off last year but still managed to achieve so much like my first festival booking. 2024 for me is just about making the most out of everything that comes my way.

Dread MC: We haven’t done a festival set yet together, but the shows we have done have been fun. I want to big up Minstry of Sound there because that was the first link up and some of the shows were wild. 

TF: What can we expect from Duckworthsound & Dread MC in 2024?
Duckworthsound: Expect lots of new music, from all styles of bass and dance music that we love. Hopefully more shows on the way that we get to announce and all in all, expect Duckplates to continue to grow and grow. For myself, I’m just looking forward to every opportunity that may come my way and hoping to put out as much new music as possible that people enjoy.

Dread MC: I’m constantly grinding and I’m always desperate to get studio time in. However, I’m really looking forward to some of the forthcoming tracks which are coming out regularly and we will be in the process of making tunes gearing for 2025. 

‘The Grind’ and ‘BALA from Duckworthsound and Dread MC are out on all platforms via Duckplates.

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