Ehsaas Tracks A Tale Of Redemption On New Single ‘Jung’

‘Jung’ by Ahmedabad-based indie rock group Ehsaas offers a substantial cut of their raw, gritty, and infectious sound from their upcoming album ‘Khudsar.’

Beaming off their first Gujarati language rock ballad ‘Che Ke Nai‘ (Is It There or Not?), released in February this year, and being featured on the Times Square Billboard in NYC, Ehsaas now brings to the forefront a story about perseverance and determination in ‘Jung.’

Laced together with assertive rock themes and evocative Hindi lyrics, the music calls listeners to be brave and face obstacles head-on. The narrative pushes listeners to overcome challenges and exhibit bravery in the face of hardships.

‘Jung’ thoroughly imbibes a hard-rock/progressive rock rhythm lined with a grunge feel, commencing with grim guitar plucks and key arrangments. Thumping drums and rugged bass yanks soon ensue, tugged along by passionate vocal segments and a creamy electric guitar solo performance.

Ehsaas – ‘Jung’

Speaking about their newest musical offering, the crew shares, “‘Jung’ is a deeply emotive narrative of triumph over adversity, drawing inspiration from the real-life journey of one of our band members who courageously battled through depression and emerged stronger. It encapsulates the essence of resilience and determination in the face of challenges.”

‘Jung’ is currently streaming on all audio platforms. Ehsaas’s new album is set for a June 2024 release.

Song Credits
Lyrics by: Viral Patel, Raj Shah, Parth Bhavsar
Composition by: Viral Patel
Drums: Vashith Patel (Reference Drums by Parth Bhavsar)
Mixing and Mastering: Protyay Chakraborty
Recording Studio: Compass Box Studio

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