TFword in Conversation With Local Dialect

The duo spoke about the inception of their label, their new EP, their creative journey, and lots more.

Sam Perricone and Reed Tan met in 2017 and realized they speak the same musical language. Since then, they’ve been writing waveforms that also speak to their fans through their profound and instinctive storytelling approach.

The pair prides itself on taking listeners on riveting journeys, something that has been a highlight of all their releases so far on imprints like REALM Records, Purified Records, Euphonic Visions, and Zerothree Music, to name a few. Their DJing motif has been equally influential, thanks to their ability to captivate crowds with their high-energy live offerings that have spanned across clubs and festivals in the United States.

Seven years after coming together to form Local Dialect and subsequently releasing music on a plethora of labels, the pair has formed a label that is a representation of their love for constantly evolving, dancefloor-ready grooves. The dawn of ‘Translations’ marks the next phase of the duo’s soaring career; and the first in a series of full-throttle releases, Translations 01 has set the tone for what is to come for the American duo on their stratospheric ascent.

Following the inception of their label and its debut release, we sat down for a chat with Local Dialect about their journey, their new release, the idea behind starting a label, and here is what they had to say:

TFword: Congratulations on your debut release on Translations. How did the inception of the label come about?
Local Dialect:
Thanks! We created a label to have more control over our musical output. We wanted to release the songs that we believed in and that we knew people were connecting with on the dancefloor, so we decided to build our own musical world and forge our own path.

TF: What are the styles that Translations intends to explore with its releases?
Local Dialect: Powerful and epic peak-time music that still retains feeling and emotion. We plan on releasing melodic techno, progressive house, and even a breakbeat track or two.

TF: ‘Hallucinations’ sounds intriguing and we’re keen to know the creative process behind the tune!
Local Dialect: We wanted to cultivate a feeling similar to a hallucinogenic trip – sounds swirling all around you as you descend deeper into the experience, culminating in a breakthrough moment where the thoughts and feelings that were bubbling under the surface burst into the forefront demanding to be reckoned with.

The main lead sound is from our Prophet 6, and the FM modulation that gives it so much character is honestly just something we stumbled upon while playing around with it. That’s why we love our synths so much!

TF: How did the Local Dialect journey begin and how do you think it has evolved from a sonic standpoint?
Local Dialect: We met 13 years ago in college where we bonded over our shared love for Progressive House, Electro House, and EDM, and taught ourselves how to DJ. While we played Top 40 hits and took requests at frat parties, we also hosted intimate gatherings in our dorm rooms where we could play the music we truly loved. That was a great time.

After graduation, we parted ways and moved to different coasts to pursue traditional career paths. But we were both unhappy and kept daydreaming about pursuing music. In 2017 we finally took the plunge and quit our jobs. Reed moved in with Sam in New York where we built a studio from scratch in our basement and taught ourselves how to produce over.

In the beginning, we made a lot of Progressive House and Deep House, but we were always fascinated by the more club-heavy sounds coming out of Berlin. We spent a few years honing our chops in that genre, and now we feel like we’re able to strike a good balance between that and the more melodic-focused style of our earlier music.

TF: How do Local Dialect approach their DJ sets?
Local Dialect: We try to prepare a lot but plan as little as possible. We have been DJing together for almost as long as we’ve known each other, so we both usually have a similar idea of where to go next and when to let our partner take the lead. We strive to make every set a journey that moves through different moods and styles, with peaks and valleys of energy and emotion. The longer the better!

TF: What are your plans with Translations in the second half of the year?
Local Dialect: We have a series of releases to celebrate the launch of our label – another EP coming next month and a vocal single coming in July. We’ve been testing both releases and we’re so proud of how the sound has evolved and the responses we’ve been getting. We will take a short break to release some music elsewhere but plan on another series of releases in the fall/winter.

TF: What’s been your favorite moment on the road so far in 2024?
Local Dialect: We had a wonderful show in Philadelphia in February! Last minute problems with our original venue meant the party had to relocate only a few hours before the doors opened, but the promoters handled it extremely professionally and were even able to add a bunch more tickets due to the venue change! We had a great set, the energy in the crowd was fantastic, and we can’t wait to get back there in July.

TF: What’s Local Dialect’s performance favorite tune at the moment?
Local Dialect: Sam – ‘Arude – Nocturne’ is an absolute banger! Been playing that one in every set.

Reed – I love everything Lexer puts out, but ‘Echoes of Silence’ is one of his best.

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