Siddhant Goenka Explores The Intensity of Love on ‘Jaanley (chaos or love)’

Kolkata-based independent singer-songwriter Siddhant Goenka adds ‘Jaanley (chaos or love),’ to a well-received and highly streamed catalog of singles; this is his second release of 2024.

“This song tells a story about deep and passionate love, a kind of love that many people experience at least once in their lives, where they would do anything for another person,” says the artist.

Siddhant Goenka, who we know from ‘Farishtey,’ continues to nurture his songwriting skills and entice his fans with exemplary audio-video experiences.

Siddhant Goenka – ‘Jaanley (chaos or love) (Music Video)

With ‘Jaanley (chaos or love),’ the singer crafts a soulful melody akin to a cinematic score. Produced by sound engineer Pratham Sheth, the music progressively intensifies with melancholic piano notes and flawless vocals, creating a ravishing ballad. Since its release, ‘Jaanley’ has amassed over 49,000k streams on Spotify, and its music video, once again developed by Siddhant employing AI, has gained over 34,000 views on YouTube.

Its music video gives us a nod to Siddhant’s creative approach while he captures a story via his music. Initially opening with a celebratory scene of a happy couple, complete with fireworks and frames of dancing, the footage transitions to a more violent setting, capturing the rhythmic shift of the song’s tonality.

Song Credits
Performed by: Siddhant Goenka
Produced by: Pratham Sheth
Written by Siddhant Goenka
Mixed and mastered by Pratham Sheth
Composed by Siddhant-Pratham
Video credits: Siddhant Goenka

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