Celebrate Summer Solstice at Midsummer Magic in Oakland

Enter the world of folk on June 22 with Midsummer Magic, bringing you an incredible line-up of unique folk artists at Lovely Day in Oakland to celebrate the Summer Solstice and Strawberry Full Moon. This music, dance and ceremonial event by Tea Tribe will have acclaimed artists such as Soriah, Sass N Harmony, Amre Leon Dana, Jef Stott and many more! Tickets for Summer Magic: Summer Solstice Full Moon World Folk Jam are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy. 

For the Summer Solstice, communities in different parts of the world commemorate the event through ancient traditions, each tailored to honor diverse rituals, reverences, trances, and revelry. On June 22, Tea Tribe will set shop for their Summer Solstice Full Moon celebrations at Lovely Day in Oakland from 2 PM to 2 AM. The extravaganza will also see Strawberry Moon festivities during the strawberry harvest season, where you’ll enjoy freshly picked strawberries and delights.

The highlight of the day begins with live performances from various folk artists! Starting with Soriah, a Tuvan throat singer who leads you to a holy place with his mesmerizing vocals. He will be joined by soul-folk trio Sass N Harmoney, who creates beautiful energy with rhythms and rhymes, and with their angelic voice, you’ll surely be lifted onto your feet. You’ll even witness the brilliant fusion of catchy Latin rhythms and vintage rock sounds by Cumbia Paradiso. The magic will only continue with the duo La Zuli, which consists of violinist Briana Di Mara and guitarist Anis Sehiri, bringing original melodies and rhythms from all over the world. The day will carry forward with Mónica María performing her original songs, Amre Leon Dana, multi-instrumentalist Jef Stott, Xochitl Moreno, and many more. 

Midsummer Magic will be taking place at Lovely Day, Oakland, a restaurant and bar that serves elevated comfort food and refreshing cocktails with a vibrant themed indoor-dining experience, as well as outdoor seating that only makes the experience at Lovely Day feel even more special.

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Artists performing at the show: Soriah | Sass N Harmony | Jef Stott | La Zuli | Cumbia Paradiso | Xochitl Moreno

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