Krantinaari Wants You to Pause and Embrace Your Origins On New Single ‘Roots’

Hip-hop rebel Krantinaari joins forces with producer Ganesh Murthi, best known as C4GE, once again on her new single ‘Roots,’ also bringing in musician Brecilla on vocals and saxophone duties.

Observing the trajectory of her previous ruthless rap single ‘Anushasan’ (Discipline), rapper Krantinaari fires up her first release of 2024, a rap song charged with themes of origins, heritage, and culture that frame one’s individuality. “I see culture as more than just a set of traditions; it’s a precious parcel of time, a spine that guides us through the ages. It binds us together, nourishing the very essence of humanity,” voices Krantinaari.

As with ‘Anushasan,’ which folds in hefty electric guitar parts, Krantinaari and her team find a way to neatly incorporate Brecilla’s sax markings into the hip-hop single. ‘Roots’ unfurls with ominous humming and flows with a classical/folkish beat, delicately rising in tempo. Krantinaari spits out bars in Hindi, hovering over topics of feminism, greed, and half-truths while echoing in the chorus how her strong persona and creativity as an artist go hand in hand.

Krantinaari x C4GE – ‘Roots’ (Ft. Brecilla)

Singer Brecilla’s contributions to the track are highly influential, adding that extra bit of flair to the catchy chorus and weaving in a pleasant-sounding yet menacing outro via her mastery of the saxophone. ‘Roots’ was released on Krantinaari’s birthday, with a music video that sees both performers by a campfire, shots of daily life in a fishing village and women working in agriculture.

Speaking about the song in a statement, Krantinaari conveyed, “The concept of roots urges us to pause and reflect, to rediscover ourselves and acknowledge the origins of our existence. It’s about embracing where we come from and understand how it shapes who we are today.”

Song credits:
Written and performed by: Ashwini Hiremath aka Krantinaari
Music production and mix master engineer: Ganesh Murthi aka C4GE
Vocal arrangement, saxophone: Brecilla D’souza

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