Urban Breeze Yearns For An Escape in New Single ‘Nayi Seher’

Guwahati-based alternative-rock band Urban Breeze has dropped their latest single ‘Nayi Seher,’ via independent label No Binary Records.

A peek into alternative/rock outfit Urban Breeze’s music resume and you’ll find a collection of somber acoustic rhythms pinched with hard rock themes laced together by a crisp production. Their newest addition ‘Nayi Seher’ is no different, punching in an energetic upbeat melody with a pop-rock feel. Upon interviewing lead singer Sudeepta Kashyap, he disclosed that the song’s first arrangement came about by happenstance and was recorded on a cell phone.

Penned by frontman Sudeepta Kashyap during the height of the pandemic, he says, “The stuck life, cluttered feelings, wanting to break free from that phase of lockdown is what actually made me write that song.”

Urban Breeze

Comprised of musicians Ben Longkumer (lead guitar), Aadi Barthakur (bass), Ajitav Choudhury (drums), and Sudeepta Kashyap, the quartet’s newest offering discusses fleeing the stresses of a cramped city lifestyle. Echoed by the lyrics, “Udney do mujhe / Uss neelein aasaman mein / Jharney do mujhe / Pattey jaise paidon sey,” the music speaks to letting go and journeying to the tranquil mountainside for some peace and serenity under the clear blue skies.

Fastened by euphonious vocals courtesy of singer/guitarist Kashyap, ‘Nayi Seher’ pleasingly unwinds with delicate acoustic guitar notes and courses into an indie-rock/pop-rock Hindi ballad, complete with plucky bass action, a creamy guitar solo, and warm percussive beats.

Urban Breeze – Nayi Seher

Talking about the song, Sudeepta shares, “‘Nayi Seher’ is the 5th single of ours as a band, and we’re really happy with how it turned out for us. Honestly, this song was made from nowhere, back in the initial days of 2020.”

The tune arose by chance while the band members were in a studio going through another track. “We were randomly seated having our food, while our drummer was playing a beautiful 2-chord progression, which caught my and our bassist’s attention,” says Sudeepta. “We really like the suspended chill mellow vibe of it and quickly recorded it on our phone. Later, we sat and figured out some more additions with our guitarist and then I finally gave the lyrics to it.”

Urban Breeze first banded together in 2017 as a duo cover act, performing at local gigs. Now a foursome, they have grown strength to strength, regularly listed at college and music festivals in the northeast of India. They released their debut single ‘Beetein Lamhe’ in April 2021, completed their first multi-city India tour, and also played an instrumental role in seaming together the Enajori Music Festival at Shilpgram, Guwahati, in 2023.

Song Credits
Written and Composed By: Sudeepta Kashyap
Produced By: Urban Breeze
Recorded Mix and Mastered By: Sudeepta Kashyap
Artwork By: Meghna Gogoi
Vocals, Guitars: Sudeepta Kashyap
Lead Guitarist: Ben Longkumer
Bass: Aadi Barthakur
Drums: Ajitav Choudhury

Find Urban Breeze on: Instagram | Spotify

Images are courtesy of Urban Breeze

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